Colonia Futura by Acqua di Parma

Colonia Futura 2020

21.07.2021 - 05:59 AM

is “Futura” the right word?

I found a great deal on this fragrance so I couldn’t help to jump into the deal with a lot of expectations. There were some good reviews on youtube but I gotta say it was Max Forti’s what made me go for it as he praised it and pretty much sold it. I gotta say I have to agree with pretty much everything he said.

First off, what’s with the name, “Future cologne”? not really, it’s a modern interpretation of an older style cologne which regardless how inaccurate the name sounds is a great concept and I gotta say the execution is flawless! Colonia Futura opens gorgeously with lemon and a juicy grapefruit and you also get a lavender and sage combo that gives that old school vibe and the coup de grace is the earthy vetiver that provides a backbone to the composition so, as far as the scent goes it’s one of my favorite ADPs but where I have to disagree with Max is in the performance department. He mentioned this was very long lasting and would easily last all day well, at least from my personal experience it hardly gets to the 6th hour as fading skin scent but we all know frags perform differently to everyone so there’s that.

Colonia Futura is an amazing scent if you don’t mind reapplying or perhaps wearing it for a meeting only or a lunch or something like that and I wouldn’t recommend it for people below 30’s.

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