Ambre Noir by Adnan B.

Ambre Noir

30.11.2019 - 07:11 PM

I never thought it could be so good.

I found it in the airport once when I was on my way to Asia. (Was bored because I had to wait for my flight) I was surprised that for this price I could get such a high quality perfume. (I bought it still expensive because it was in the airport)
I was wearing it for work in the office and actually on a daily basis. Since it was winter in japan and this one is a bit heavy (I would say a winter fragrance). I got 2 times a compliment that I have a nice cologne by a female colleague. Anyone who knows Japanese knows how rare something like this is. (I was also kinda friends with them so not total stranger)

I don’t wanna say something like this cologne is killing Aventus or anything like that. But it beats most designer fragrances in the 60-100 € range.

It holds longer and smells better in my eyes (nose). I could recognise it easily 8-9 h on me. ????????
From now on I will have one for winter.
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