Viaje a Ceylan Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez

Viaje a Ceylan Hombre 2012

25.04.2020 - 03:36 PM

Life Is Nothing But A Grand Adventure

Viaje a Ceylán Hombre initially caught my attention for its name. Journey to Ceylon (aka Sri Lanka), I imagine to break with everything to live an adventure and travelling into the unknown, to the search for myself. The experience which means enter into the wild nature, the land of freedom and adventure not yet conquered, a place of contrasts, exotic, spiritual and serene, but also aromatic, tumultuous and exciting. It is a blend of unique feelings, crossing the tropical forests of a suspension rope bridge, contemplating the tea plantations or walking around the different bazaars of spices and fruit, staring at the sunset in front of the horizon of the Indian Ocean, all this is collected in this fragrance. The earth smells of wild vegetation, rain of green forests and lush, rich spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla. We all need to change, breathe fresh air, go on a trip. Every trip is an adventure, and in every adventure, there is passion. It is a passion that moves mountains. I think I have talked too much about my dream, and that you are more interested in the perfume, isn't it?

To start with, look at the bottle. It reminds me of an old inkpot due to its shape, with clean and pure lines, with a sophisticated touch on the metallic stopper that makes it a more contemporary thing. The juice inside is sumptuous and sensual, pallid yellow, an aqueous accord merges with a fresh mix of citrus, modern patchouli and legendary soft spicy notes of amber woods. While splashing against my skin, the introduction is scintillating. A combination of intense, fresh, and delicate spicy nuance of red pepper, with citrus, an explosion of bitter grapefruit, followed soon by dusty bergamot and then a sweet tangerine touch, which melts with ozone breeze. The marine notes and pink pepper dip and plunge me into the journey I am dreaming in the heart of the island. It is aquatic, but more on the floral side than salty, nothing to do with Bvlgary Aqua, for instance.

In the centre of the island, everything is nature, and the paling pink pepper meets a lush forest of ferns, and cedar mosses and the patchouli leaves melt into a background of dry woods. I love the heart, openly aromatic, with a touch of exoticism. I get the woodiness of exotic noble woods like reddish mahogany and dark ebony.

It gets dark in Ceylon, and the sky is so orange that an invisible filter seems to stand between heaven and the eyes. It is the time when the magic of perfume reaches its zenith. For its base notes, white musk, tonka bean, amber, and tons of oriental dry woods give it that real and sober touch that makes this fragrance stand out. What caught my attention the most is that a cocktail of musk molecules achieves a very similar effect to pheromones in the scent. And cedar, with all its pencil-shaver nuance.

Although this fragrance exudes sensuality, the softness of its notes is unmistakably reminiscent of a spice bazaar. Elegance and passion that hides the aroma given off by Viaje a Ceylán. I like wearing it in my leisure time during the weekend, but even at the office. A daily scent that fits evening with friends, maybe all too light for a night out. The best season is Spring, perhaps early Fall. It is discrete, both sillage and longevity are moderate, nothing outstanding here. I quite liked the smell and many people told me that they liked the perfume without me said nothing. So if you want to try it, you better smell it yourself. I see that it has nasty opinions, I do not understand why I liked it a lot, and it is excellent to me, apart from that it is quite cheap, but I think that quality is excellent. Has it caught you just like me?

Stay well; stay healthy.

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