Iris Nazarena by Aedes de Venustas

Iris Nazarena 2013

24.11.2020 - 10:49 AM
Very helpful Review
Regina Algida...
There is a handful of very old cloth shops in my hometown, which have not undergone a renovation since the '70s. Upon initial spraying Iris Nazarena smells exactly like they do. Perhaps there was some very popular and widely used air freshener back then, or more likely something used in the proccessing of the fabrics, and thus the characteristic smell has pervaded their walls permanently. And for some strange reason, I was feeling rather uncomfortable being in such shops as a child, although I loved the seemingly endless variety of their merchandise. This "blast from the past" nostalgic quality slowly fades away after a couple of hours, and what is left, is something that an ice queen would leave lingering in her wake. Something like a distant titter in a dark winter night, that clutches your heart with icy fingers. I sense no welcome here, and this ashen grey industrial smell is so devoid of any warmth that it makes me shiver with conflicting feelings of pleasure and dread. Contradictive? Perhaps. But contradictions are not necessarily a flaw, cause while contradictive perfumes can be either good or bad, what they cannot be is indifferent. And this is already a merit, at least in terms of interest picking, and more than enough to make them stand out in our contemporary faceless perfume times. And Iris Nazarena has a face. A scary one perhaps, but still a face...

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