Bamboo Rose (2017)

Bamboo Rose by Aerin
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Bamboo Rose is a popular perfume by Aerin for women and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSicilian bergamot, Mandarin blossom, Dewy leaves
Heart Notes Heart NotesBulgarian Rosa alba, Bulgarian rose absolute, Rose water, Rosa centifolia, Jasmine
Base Notes Base NotesPink pepper, Amber, Musk



8.3 (28 Ratings)


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7.4 (27 Ratings)
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Kiss of the Alba rose in the fresh morning dew
BAMBOO ROSE is a particularly seductive rose perfume. With its scents changing into the green, one enters a hidden garden of soft tones, gentle and reserved chords. I've seen a garden like this before in Italy. I entered a rather inconspicuous large house on a noisy street in Florence, stumbled through a dark corridor, and was led into a courtyard where a paradisiacal garden suddenly opened up in front of me. I was not badly surprised... Roses over roses, growing strongly overhanging and only scantily held by trellises of ancient brass. An incredibly beautiful charisma emanated from this garden, which lay so hidden. Between the roses there was a lot of lavender and bright jasmine bushes. In one corner there was high rising bamboo, which provided rustling green and Mediterranean flair. All that was missing was a flowering mandarin tree and a Sicilian lime bush, which gave the BAMBOO ROSE its discreet fruity odeur...

Just as this garden in Florence surprised me, this perfume is just as surprising. It certainly does not reveal itself in passing, but rather in pausing, in attentive looking and observing. The most striking feature is the dewy leaves of the roses, which are lime green and natural matt. Nothing here is polished to a high gloss. It smells of rain, of morning dew, of freshness and coolness. The last drops of the passing night damp still hold on to the leaves, but as soon as the sun rises higher, they are tickled away and have to disappear... And then the scent also becomes increasingly warmer, enveloping, softer, richer. The flowers are light pink or milky white for my sensation with flower edges that go pink. BAMBOO ROSE uses, among other things, the fragrance oil of the Alba rose, a white rose. It comes from a natural cross between the dog rose and the pink Damascena. Their colour spectrum is limited to white, pink and pale pink, and almost all of them have a particularly pleasant, flattering and somewhat sweetish and at the same time herb-citric scent. The flowers are pushy and densely filled and have intense yellow stamens. And because I see it so vividly in my own garden, I feel it all the same when I wear the perfume, the longer, the more! It is almost like a dream, but fortunately only 'almost' and 'like' a dream...

Like a jewellery of the finest goldsmith's art, carefully thought out and produced with love for detail - this is how this fragrance seems to me. There are not only clear, green notes but also these soft, buttery, creamy-white rose tones that wrap me up, lend elegance and distance me from my surroundings in a pleasant way. The Sillage is discreet, it is first and foremost a perfume for me alone, but whoever comes closer to me will notice it. And I like that.

But I don't just think of the roses when I wear BAMBOO ROSE. I also feel the pleasant feeling of hearing fresh green bamboo leaves rustling in the wind, touching the wood with my hand, stroking it. And I'm thinking music too! Yeah, I can hear the bamboo softly when I'm wearing this scent. Bamboo has a very special sound and so it is not surprising that there are musical instruments made of bamboo. I spontaneously remember the bamboo flute, on which shepherds used to play their simple tunes, thus passing the time while they guarded the herd. The player's breath blown through the bamboo cane becomes audible and produces a smoky, diffuse, wooden sound. Then I think of even smaller, percussive instruments made of bamboo. For example, 'chimes' - tube-like rods of different lengths that collide, begin to vibrate and produce many rattling, rapidly fading tones. I have such a wind chime outside... Or the so-called 'shaker', in which the pieces of bamboo shaped like pearls or almonds are pulled onto a ribbon and then let a wooden and hollow-sounding rustle sound through rhythmic swinging.

BAMBOO ROSE is an eau de toilette with a lasting effect (4 to 5 hours), because a delicate accord of amber and musk skilfully rounds off the fragrance experience, giving the filigree rose green a base that really carries. The perfume rests in a noble-looking glass bottle, which is provided with a simple label and a magnetically effective cap made of gold-coloured metal. This includes a pretty pale green carton. Oh, yeah... and there's always at least 200 ml in the bottle. BAMBOO ROSE is the only thing you can get. But it's worth it! I love this perfume very much, also because of the velvety tangerine note that goes so wonderfully with roses and bamboo. It has such a special freshness, perhaps its secret lies in the dewy rose foliage? I don't want to be without my BAMBOO ROSE anymore, which feels like a kiss in the morning dew. And I will always take some with me when I travel
Also today I would like to thank a very dear Parfuma, which brought me simply because of my rose hobby with a filling on this smell.
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