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Lilac Path by Aerin
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Lilac Path is a popular perfume by Aerin for women and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.
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Angelica seedAngelica seed
Orange blossomOrange blossom



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You are not alone...
Like when you're in a fit
of a buying frenzy
on the weekly market
of flowery desires
at the stand of the lilac gardener
from the Lower Rhine
the entire weekly harvest
all at once.

At a friendship price
among flower lovers.
Lilac blossoms pave your way
back home.
The mucous membranes
swell already lilac colors -
don't worry, it's safe.

How beautiful, this abundance of flowers,
exuberant and wasteful,
To hold in arms:
A sweet heavy light load.
Through the nose you take up flower magic nectar
and you've already had your fill of flowers
on your way.

And arrived home
the janitor asks you
who all the flowers are for.
"Of course for me," you say
and the janitor says:
"Right you are, kid"
and is currently
disappeared before your eyes.

And you throw him
a few flowers into the unknown,
you say "see you"
you turn on the heel
and go to your apartment
around the lilac altar
for the long weekend.

You're getting a visit from those who don't />> who were long gone
and now her punctual appearance
have promised.
Everything is supposed to be beautiful You want to return the favor.
Make everything good again, heal.

And so you put each one in its place,
Light chains shine,
the pictures are adjusted,
the spotify list is created,
(because there will be no time to put on vinyl)
and the table is set with the highlights
of the last theme week of Lidl.Es is missing nothing.
Oh, you've set it up well.

It rings -
so early? -
you open.
The one you weren't waiting for,
stands before the door.
Laying, with red cheeks,
the feet scratch
on the doormat
back and forth.

You say: "Come ´rein.


What a wonderful fragrance.
Not only spring and early summer:
also flowering, green and creamy - Noble
in a lively and beautiful preparation.
An appearance like in the flower garden of mature love,
with all the leaf green whipped mythical creatures
and gold shimmering fireflies at your side.


You are not alone - Heinz Rudolf Kunze
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94 Reviews
A very realistic lilac.
This perfume couldn’t be named any better! It smells exactly like a lilac bush. Projection is moderate and staying power could range from 4-6 hours depending on the wearer and how much of it has been sprayed. On my skin this is a pure floral. If I had to imagine a color for it, it would be purple peppered with dark green dots. Google “Watermelon Tourmaline” and look at the pictures. In my mind, this smells exactly how that beautiful stone looks!

Compared to a pastel floral such as Yves Rocher Pur Desir de Lilas, this is a bit deeper, spicier, and more complex. If you were to compare this to a more perfume-y lilac composition such as Fleurs d`Ombre Jasmin Lilas, I’d say this is a less musky and a more natural interpretation of it. I know that there are a lot of perfumistas amongst us who are mourning the discontinuation of Jasmin Lilas. I was lucky enough to snag a very expensive but small bottle of it a few years ago. I’ve been using it sparingly because I was afraid to run out of it. It’s virtually impossible to find it anywhere anymore. Folks, the good news is: This is a very decent replacement for it!! The composition opens with a very prominent lilac note. The first few minutes are nothing but fresh lilacs. Unlike Jasmin Lilas, there are no overripe fruits present. For me this is an improvement to the composition. The heart phase, much like the Jasmin Lilas, is dominated by a spicy jasmine note with lilac following as the secondary presence. I cannot detect any orange flower or angelica as the notes suggest. I think a touch of galbanum is what gives it that spicy edge and, when combined with a hint of green notes, imitates that smell of “bush” as you walk down the lilac path. The drydown is a light floral that is subtle, feminine, pleasant, and wearable in all seasons.

I’ve been reading through the reviews for Aerin Lauder perfumes in general. I cannot understand the disdain generated towards them. I already own 4 of their beauties so it’s safe to say that Aerin is quickly becoming one of my favorite perfumes houses. I think, for the price, they are well composed with quality ingredients. Aerin Rose de Grasse is one of my favorite roses of all times and I’d be surprised if people wouldn’t plunk down a bunch of money if these were bottled under the Guerlain or Tauer or even Tom Ford brands. Give the Aerin perfumes a fair chance. They’re an understated house that deserves more credit. :)

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