Rose de Grasse (2015)Parfum

Rose de Grasse (Parfum) by Aerin
Bottle Design Jesse Chertoff
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Rose de Grasse (Parfum) is a popular perfume by Aerin for women and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Grasse Rosa centifolia, Bulgarian rose otto, Rose absolute, Violet wood, Ambrox, Musk, Aquatic notes, Violet



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Poetry on my skin - Rosa Centifolia and Rosa Damascena
I am so taken with this fragrance composition that I would like to express my admiration and joy for it in a poem. Because ROSE DE GRASSE is pure poetry on my skin. The perfume is absolutely extraordinary: extraordinary in beauty, in authentic radiance and also in durability. Thus it lives up to its name 'Grasse' - the capital of perfume and especially of rose perfume. Grasse is located in Provence, in the hinterland of the Côte d'Azur, just a few kilometres from Cannes and is the cradle of Europe's perfume industry. This place is at the top of my wish list, next to the missing perfumes...

ROSE DE GRASSE is a successful rose perfume that is wonderfully based on the original, true roses. It actually smells exactly as I feel it when I smell a Rosa Centifolia or a Damascena rose (Bulgarian Rose-Otto) in the evening, as soon as dew wets the flower, namely soft buttery, mildly soapy, a little malty, slightly sweet, light and very slightly fresh-citric. The perfume is particularly finely balanced, noble in its effect and also indescribably pleasantly fragrant in its creaminess. ROSE DE GRASSE wraps the wearer and everyone close to her with soft notes... because everything about this perfume seems to be ROSE, pure rose from the calyx to the leaf green, twigs to the root. That's what makes it so unique to me. There's nothing that wants to interfere and get involved. A real rose does not need this either, because it is extremely rich in fragrances in itself.
If you touch the petals of a rose and rub them gently, you will feel its silky smoothness and typical coolness. And it impresses me that this feeling is reflected in the perfume. But that's not all: the bottle is also elegant, very pretty and looks elegant.

I'm amazed that anyone could even create a rose perfume like this. It's like a little miracle of scent... My admiration goes to Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of the famous Estée Lauder.

The Damascena rose from the Orient, the name derives from the Syrian capital Damascus, and the Centifolia rose (literally translated "hundred-leaved") are both so-called "old roses" - upright yet bushy growing, very fragrant, pushy in bloom, iridescent in colour from white rose to pink to carmine red, robust against fungal attack and disease, good winter-hardy - and its flowers are simply stunning, as simple as they are beautiful! These roses are great seducers wherever they bloom. The fragrances are excreted primarily via the petals and unfold their beguiling odor in contact with oxygen. Even the green foliage is attractive and spicy to my sense of smell. But above all their sight is enchanting - for rose lovers at all times. And now my poem...


When new life comes in spring
And the birds singing to each other find
My soul will be scented, begins to bloom
Every night I'm out looking for the horizon
And I wake up with the ROSES until they open
Her perfume is flowing out and twisting around me

The mute buds are dressed rose-soft
The ones that keep themselves closed round and round
Still she clings to the stem green < br /> While she leaned against a strong post
Rest and gather your strength
until that last night that cold

So I spend the time with my ROSEN
Waiting, awake to look at her in love'n
But suddenly it is there, the longed-for morning air:
My bees swarm and the bumble bees roar
My nose gets tickled and I feel, smell,
Drink and covet only her wondrous scent

© 2018 Santalwalti

By the way, there is a small village in Cyprus called Agros, which is completely dedicated to Damascene agarose and its processing of perfumes, soaps, liqueurs and other beautiful things. The flowers are picked early in the morning at sunrise, because the heat of the day would affect the scent. Everywhere on the slopes of Agros it smells beguiling for a few weeks of the year and last festivals are celebrated in honour of the Damascenaroses... The Summer Damascus Rose, like almost all Historical Roses, is not remonting, so it has only one flowering phase per year. I once saw a film about the Rose Village Agros. Here is the link if anyone is interested

I close with a quote from Capability Brown, the famous 18th century English landscape architect who said, "Rose gardens are designed with the poet's sensations and the painter's eyes." It seems to me that the design of a perfume, especially of such a perfume, is based on similar sensations and sensual expressions.
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7.5 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

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The perfect rose has been found!
I’ve tried and really liked with AL’s Evening Rose so it shouldn’t have been that surprising that I fell instantly in love with Rose de Grasse. Looking at the notes pyramid this seems like yet another amber-rose creation. Even though the formula itself is not groundbreaking, I'm quite shocked as to how unique this perfume is amongst its counterparts. To give you an example of my relevant taste range, I enjoy fragrances such as JM Red Roses, SL La Fille de Berlin, YR Rose Absolue, SM Stella (original formula), JHAG Miss Charming, TPW Tea Rose, Paul Smith Rose, Molinard Rose, Caron Delire de Rose, etc.

Upon first spray, I was expecting the dreaded aquatic notes (don’t like them). But thankfully, they were nowhere to be found. Those who would like watery notes to accompany their roses may want to steer clear of this and proceed to lighter formulas such as Especially Escada, Yves Rocher Pur Desir de Rose or perhaps Issey Miyake L`Eau d`Issey Florale. Compared to a photorealistic rose like TPW Tea Rose, Rose de Grasse is much less green but compared to JM Red Roses, it’s much less linear because it’s a much more multifaceted creation. Initially, there’s an intensive, delicious musk. Then, in all but 5 minutes, the roses are in full-bloom. These blossoms are voluptuous, vibrant, and expansive – and yet somehow evade being overwhelming or aggressive. I can almost taste these velvety red rose petals on my tongue! This is not a gourmand or sugary fragrance by any stretch of imagination but it is so skillfully done with such fine quality materials that my nose interprets this juice as completely edible. After about an hour I can smell faint amber & musk but these notes take a back seat and only serve to anchor this glorious flower to my skin. Another bonus: The projection & staying power are so outstanding that this fragrance walks at least a foot ahead of me and stayed on my skin for 12+ hours, passing the difficult “overnight test”.

In conclusion, I see Rose de Grasse as a masterpiece, the absolute perfect rose. I recommend this to all rose-devotees, who owe it to themselves to test this beauty on their skin at least once. I’d also recommend it to those who, like me, lamented the discontinuation of the original Lancome Mille and Une Roses. This is a very decent and albeit less-ambery substitute for it.
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by IrisNobile
by IrisNobile
IN EINER ROSE STEHT DEIN BETT, GELIEBTE (R. M. RILKE) Rosen gleichen Träumen, die auf Reisen führen. Mit den Augen schau ich ihre Kluft, mit der Nase folge ich dem Duft. Berührend ihrer Blätter Sammethaut, küssend ihren taubenetzten Atem, trink' ich ihre
by Santalwalti
Hier ist für mich Grasse, hier unter den Blüten und unter dem Laub der roten Rose... ღ Lieblings-Rosenparfum – als Miniatur ist es schon bei mir ღ Danke, liebe Clarissa
by Santalwalti
Mag die Rose noch so lächeln, viele schöne Tage sich bemühen – Wetter kommen, die sie schwächen, welken lassen und verblühen. Trotzig halte ich am 'Dennoch' fest, schließlich bietet nur das Dunkel jedem Licht sein Nest (ich) ROSA BLUE KATE
by Santalwalti
by EauMySoul
by EauMySoul
by Blaustern
by Blaustern

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