Black Amber (2011)

Black Amber by Agonist
Bottle Design Åsa Jungnelius, Kosta Boda
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7.6 / 10     140 RatingsRatingsRatings
Black Amber is a popular perfume by Agonist for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is smoky-resinous. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesDavana, Spanish labdanum, Red algae, Black haw blossom, Frankincense
Heart Notes Heart NotesNagarmotha, Tobacco blossom, Java vetiver, Frankincense, Cedarwood
Base Notes Base NotesBlack amber, Patchouli, Indian sandalwood, Styrax, Madagascan vanilla



7.6 (140 Ratings)


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8.1 (106 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    8
"Black Amber meets Carlos Santana
When I got to know this scent last winter, I had a pagan respect at first: almost no experience with amber and then a name that sounds a bit dangerous at first - "Black Amber"!
A little on tiptoe I approached this bottling; what did I expect?
Certainly not this rich, dark fragrance intensity with surprising "friendliness", as Meggi later wrote me correctly. I owe this experience to him.

Meanwhile we like each other very much: "Black Amber" and me and even a third (maybe even fourth) is in the bunch:
For me, "Black Amber" is the opener for an inner door: "Black Magic Woman" by Carlos Santana sounds pretty fast and stays with me for a few hours to accompany the scent.
A fragrance that delivers a catchy tune - how crazy is that?
In the middle of August this guitar god Carlos Santana gave an open air concert in the city.
Not in the unfriendly, always somewhat damp Waldbühne: no, the more intimate backdrop of the open-air stage at the Zitadelle Spandau was chosen!
A suitable ambience for a two-hour concert, which not only made the hearts of the Santana fans beat faster: a true summer night orgy in tones took place there!
The 71-year-old let vibrate the already warm night full of sound and eroticism!

"Black Magic Woman", no: "Black Amber" combines unusual fragrances to a successful creation.
A bit feminine - a bit masculine: this fragrance is both!

Just by Davana alone, this Artemisia plant, with its fruity light-woody aroma.
This golden-orange oil is used in aromatherapy mainly against women's complaints.
In addition, it has an emotional balancing effect and, in combination with other oils, helps to increase concentration and inner peace.
Davana is also frequently used for perfumes: this interesting fragrance has its first appearance here.
Together with the slightly scratchy resinous spice of Labdanum and slightly musty red algae, it paves the way for the rich scent of blackthorn blossom.
Also called blackthorn, this spring bloomer not only delights with its white, fragrant flowers; these also contain an aromatic nectar with a slight plum sweetness - it is just a plant of the Prunus family.
Spicy, not yet very scratchy incense closes here a very special fragrance circle: "Black Amber" is nothing for sensitive noses - it challenges!
This incense hits later also on a much more powerful relative.
Before that, the oriental, slightly earthy scent of Nagarmotha develops.
This is often compared to that of the precious eagle wood (oud wood): musty, heavy, earthy, spicy and balsamic.
I remember reading that it was precisely this fragrance that was said to have the reputation that a man smelling of it could conquer any woman. (Let's just leave it uncommented!)
Well, this opens up a sensual, full fragrance composition, which also includes the spicy sweetness of the tobacco blossom.
Vetiver, with its earthy note, also fits perfectly with the development of fragrance, allying itself with Nagarmotha. Both are a little related in fragrance.
The spice of the cedar wood shares the final applause with heavy dark incense: "Black Amber" is a revelation until here alone!
But that's really just the prelude: black amber sets fragrance accents that are second to none.
Full of spices and yet somehow luminous, scent atoms fly through the atmosphere here. It fits perfectly to the golden shimmering patchouli, before Styrax with the light vanilla touch, then the true vanilla let its erotic intensity and warmth flow into this mixture.
This is really great cinema for the senses!
The fact that sandalwood rounds off this strongly scented work of art this time is cleverly arranged: sandalwood is rarely the keystone in the architecture of a scent - it holds this "building" together perfectly!

"Black Amber" fascinates; it fascinates by ingeniously combined components, which were united to a harmonious extravagant and also enormous smell.
The course of the fragrance makes me pause again and again, although the curiosity for the next surprise actually pushes me forward.
It's an exciting story told by "Black Amber" and I'm sure I'll hear it more often and hopefully understand it better every time.

This spicy, resinous smoke is very affectionate and becomes brighter and friendlier towards the end.
The masculine scent is cleverly combined with the feminine, creating a work of art that appeals to both men and women.
In women even the feminine sensuality still strongly underlines.

"Black Amber" is interesting, seductive and very sexy!
A fragrance that invites you to "Samba Pa Ti"! (To stay with Carlos Santana.)
We will then experience what develops from this ...
Because this fragrance is a bit like flying through the universe: it knows no boundaries!
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8.0 9.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Very helpful Review    13
Like a North Sea wave in the twilight!
When I first got a taste of Black Amber, my first thought was: "He belongs to the sea!" He's got something "fishy," but not gammy or nasty - honor alive. I wonder if it's the Amber Honestly, I have no idea what Amber smells like.
Then a character after Jack London came to mind, "The Sea Wolf." Literarily surely a high-quality material, but the film adaptations of the novel were quite hard fare for a little boy like me at that time. I couldn't get these cruel and inhuman actions of the leading actor out of my head. His intelligence, intellectual superiority and physical strength also made him seem invincible.
Today I am an older gentleman and in relation to films nevertheless quite emotionally resistant. It's just a movie and Black Amber's just a scent. Or is this setting wrong?

Black Amber is a difficult fragrance. He wants to say something, but what? I realized I was blocking myself. Maybe he wants to say something that I don't want to know that scares me?
I decided to put him on ice and wait for the right time for a second test. I already had an idea!

A few weeks ago I stranded, of course with Black Amber in my luggage, on the beautiful North Sea island of Borkum. My family doctor, who had been urging me to take a cure for quite some time, was to blame for this. Hochseereizklima, which only prevails on Helgoland and Borkum in Germany, should help me to alleviate my chronic bronchitis (my receipt for 31 years of cigarette consumption).
Some applications and extended beach walks were announced. Unfortunately, my wife and dog could not come with me, which I found very regrettable. On the other hand, I now had the opportunity to concentrate exclusively on my recovery.

One day, in the middle of June, the thermometer was 12 degrees at dusk, with a strong wind and some rain showers. And right now, Black Amber, your time has come - I thought. A few sprays on the wrist, shoes on and out to sea.
Once there I took off my shoes and walked barefoot along the edge of the water. The spray flew around my ears and I had to be careful that no sand flew into my eyes. I thought it was funny that I didn't freeze a bit despite my thin shirt. Somehow I felt strong and nothing could stress me out. Also not the sharp-edged mussel, into which I stepped and now bleed a little at the foot.

There were many shells on the beach and there were more and more. And a dead bird, jellyfish and crabs or parts thereof. I never noticed it like that. The beach is suddenly a gigantic cemetery. I look at the sea and wonder what all the deadly things might be lurking in it. How infinitely much fate and drama may have taken place in it in tens of millions of years?
And in that moment I could understand him, the Black Amber!

Black Amber doesn't have a black soul! He's neither good nor evil. It tells the true story of the dark side of the sea and its constant force of nature. That makes him a demigod among fragrances for me! Its colour is green, brown, black - like a North Sea wave at dusk.
Black Amber is often described as mystical, voodoo - cult, demonic etc.. I can understand that very well. He has nothing human about him and radiates a scary - beautiful aura.

The next day the beach was full of life. A Brazilian live band plays in a pavilion, the acoustics are amazingly good. Some people dance and sing along. Small children build a sand castle or fly kites with their daddy. You surf what you can...
We humans just have our own laws.
4 Replies
7.5 9.0 9.0 4.0/10

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Astonishing Amber-Approach
Top notes: strong association of medicated treacle, kitchen herbs (thyme, pepper) and camphor. "Amber" (when it's not "Ambregris", i.e. the real animalic thing we're talking about) is a construction trying to evoke an "oriental feeling", and its main components are labdanum and vanilla. Theses classic ingredients cannot be found in "Black Amber" - at least not at first sniff. The initial sharp blast fades rather quickly and makes room for the heart, which is marked by incense and vetiver, but also by patchouli, the over-all effect adding up to an impression of moth-balls. Nevertheless, the fragrance improves a bit with time and the drydown is dark, herbaceous and spicy (cardamon?). A touch of vanilla lures in the background. This is the typical smell you find in Indian grocery shops, a mixture of curries, Basmati rice, incense-sticks, perfumed teas and washing-powder. "Black Amber" by Agonist is nothing I'd like to wear on my skin, but it's kind of interesting to watch its development from cough syrup to Indian grocery store. Astonishing. Even more so when you consider the price of this "experience": 880 Euros per bottle. A visit to your local Indian grocery store will cost you nothing.


Hermesh 4 years ago
Versatile and beautiful: resinous conifers with some greenery and beautiful modern incense, which brings a pleasant dry touch.

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