12.03.2021 - 02:46 PM
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oudh 36 by al haramain

such a mysterious lovely perfume. I have embraced the oriental vibes it shows off, and for some reason it reminds me of a luxury giftpacking. An expensive luxury giftbox should smell exactly like this. Heavy on the spices and not the faint hearted, dont expect any animalistics, but do expect a tamed spicey scent that starts glowing with a vanilla type extra glow.

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OuddictedOuddicted 10 months ago
Ghaliyah Reflection - Amelia Fragrances

Ghaliyah Reflection Ghaliyah reflection
lovely perfume that reminds me of emperor hind from dixit&zak. However it seems there are some chemicalls involved here, and I find that a shame since they are so good at creating naturals. For me the scent did not work and the glow around it was a bit too glowy...

OuddictedOuddicted 10 months ago
Amber Oud Gold Edition - Al Haramain / الحرمين

Amber Oud Gold Edition amber oud gold by Al Haramain
very nice gentle scent, yet loud in projection and silage. Very close to the xerjoff/sospiro erba pura release. Unisex, leaning a bit more towards female. There is a very nice mellon note in here... hope you enjoy!