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Rose Taifi by Al Haramain
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Rose Taifi is a perfume by Al Haramain for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Taif rose



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Submitted by Florblanca, last update on 18.05.2020.
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Color me confused ...
As those of you who follow my meagre scribblings can attest, Roses are my favorite flowers and Rose fragrances form a huge sub category of my collection. I love Rose in all its incarnations, from deep velvety red to crystalline white!

Now, the reason I am confused is that the only notes listed on this page are Damascus Rose … not that one can take it as written in stone! My nose definitely get's Taif Rose here along with some Sandalwood and a little Spice. The dustiness of true Rosa Damascena is not evident in this fragrance. Elsewhere on the web I found the following shpiel:

"Rose Taifi by Al Haramain Perfumes is a Floral fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features taif rose, lily-of-the-valley, heliotrope, tea rose, vanilla, sandalwood and spicy notes."

Roses can be confusing anyway. Their origins shrouded in enough mystery, the general sense seems to be that they originally come from the East, imported West by marauding Ottomans and the like. I generally feel difference in fragrance intensity is probably due to where the flowers are grown … as the Bard succinctly said … " What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;".
Well then … out of Juliet's mouth and on to my skin!! Perhaps I should stop being so concerned as to where the Roses come from and rather revel in the unrivaled beauty of their scent!

Al Haramain's Rose Taifi is (imho) an undiscovered jewel in the world of perfumery. This is a stupendous Rose fragrance with above average sillage and longevity which can be had for a song! I think my 100ml bottle cost a measly £19 or some such silly figure, proving that fragrances don't have to cost the earth to be incredible. I own a bottle of Glistening by Boadicea, which is pretty much the exact same fragrance but put a mighty dent in my fragrance budget!

This Al Haramain offering is a fresh, lush, dewy Rose with a touch of vanillin creaminess and a faithful woody base … further enhanced by the brightness of a little Muguet and a hint of Spice. In no way at all is the loveliness of Rose compromised here … anything else here is simply cast in a supporting role to enhance the Rose … not overpower it.

I know I'm raving, but if one is a true Rose lover then Al Haramain's Rose Taifi is an absolute 'MUST HAVE' … period!
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Du musst das Leben nicht verstehen, dann wird es werden wie ein Fest. Und lass dir jeden Tag geschehen so wie ein Kind im Weitergehen von jedem Wehen sich viele Blüten schenken lässt... – R. M. Rilke
by Santalwalti
Rose Taifi findet sich wieder in der köstlich riechenden, zarten Kleinstrauchrose 'Rosa Zwerg', die intensive zitrische Nuancen und seidiges Rascheln eines orientalischen Gartens suggeriert
by Santalwalti
by Florblanca
by Florblanca
by Florblanca
by Florblanca

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