22.09.2022 - 11:37 PM

Ombré Nomade Clone

I have a few “clones” of Ombré Nomade ( Ombre De Louis Zarah Prive by Paris Corner is also very good) and None of them will emulate the nuances of the fragrance from opening to drydown. If you are looking for the same “DNA”, then “Amber Musk” is a phenomenal fragrance!

Between the two clones “Amber Musk” has more regal vibe, while being quite deceiving in the opening with its fresh Raspberry fruitiness and becoming darker as it transitions. (Progression is much closer to Original Ombre Nomade, while constantly changing through life of fragrance) The Paris corner clone begins with a slight Raspberry fruity opening while transitioning more rapidly into Oud/Rose combo with smoky nuances. (More linear in nature, through life of fragrance).

To be honest it is not redundant to own both clones, and you could layer them for a more accurate representation. As far as performance goes, they are both beast mode, and Amber Musk would even lean towards the Nuclear Category.


Ombre De Louis Zarah Prive by Paris Corner is closer to the overall smell of Ombré Nomade (Smoky, Strong Oud), while lacking the intensity, longevity and remaining quite linear in nature from the original. Amber Musk by Al Haramain certainly has the intensity (12+ hrs on skin), with progressive changes throughout the life of the fragrance, but slightly less smokiness and Oud dominance (Oud prominence becomes quite apparent after 4 hrs of application) from the original. Since, Amber Musk is more nuanced, regal, and quite the compliment getter, despite being an Oud fragrance. It is definitely more wearable if you go easy on the trigger.

Layering Ombre De Louis and Amber Musk will bring you very close to Ombré Nomade. (Layer on separate parts of body for a more mysterious effect; Amber Musk behind ears or nape of neck
Ombré De Louis wrist and side of neck)
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