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Arooq Al Oud (Perfume) by Al Rehab
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Arooq Al Oud (Perfume) is a perfume by Al Rehab for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Oud, Rose, Amber, Sandalwood



6.8 (33 Ratings)


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Helpful Review    6
And the darkness lures forever
I tested this Arooq Al Oud in the Africa store. And I see the perfume as "controversial".
On the one hand, I love these "dark" scents.
And this one from Al Rehab is not only "dark", it is "night without extraneous light", today only to be found in very remote places on earth.)
And the myriad stars of the Milky Way are clearly visible in the moonless night.
On a lonely hill, surrounded by dense forest.
Only the purple-red glossy, distant light of rose shines through.
Otherwise great, resinous-herb-woody silence, pervaded by the calls of an owl sitting somewhere in the branches.
Walk on through the warm soft night.
When will it be tomorrow? No, I like to stay in this mood, no brightly lit city near me.
And if I stay.... am I sure?.... then. But yeah...!?
And if I move on?...Will I find my way back?!?
No, I don't want to "pollute" the untouched darkness with lamplight.
Although I have one with me.
I sit on moss and wait for...
And enjoy the scent of darkness.
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7.5 7.5 7.5 8.0/10

49 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
AROOQ AL OUD by Al-Rehab
Al-Rehab has been creating Arabian and oriental perfumes since 1975, and they are one of Saudi Arabia's leading perfume houses. Their company slogan, "quality at affordable prices for all" seems true, based on their modest pricing structure. This is my first experience with Al-Rehab and I must say, Arooq Al Oud kept my interest.

Arooq Al Oud starts out with a slightly boozy but biting note that is a little hard on the nose. There is a hint at the likelihood of some unidentified floral structure. I cannot recognize the floral note but it might be rose or a slightly bitter orange blossom. There are several florals very popular with Arabian perfumers: rose, hyacinth, lily of the valley, orange blossom or jasmine. Sometimes the use of these florals adds texture only, instead of proclaiming this is a floral scent. The heart note immediately rushes towards a concentrated woody oud and amber. Slightly afterwards, a rich medium density sandalwood comes onto the scene adding warmth and coziness. The sandalwood tempers the over-ambitious, resinous oud and makes it a bit sweeter and drier. Arooq Al Oud is somewhat linear, and there are some subtle changes, but this fragrance doesn't seem to be packed with an endless list of notes to discern. I find three basic elements here, a light floral, resinous oud, and a relaxing sandalwood. This simplistic combination allows Arooq Al Oud to be undemanding and quite masculine.

Arooq Al Oud is not retailed in the USA but can be purchased online. If you are an oud enthusiast, Arooq Al Oud might be worth sampling. I find this fragrance more interesting to wear than By Kilian's Pure Oud. Pure Oud is a little one-dimensional. Arooq Al Oud is oud with a pleasantly surprising western twist and is very affordable. This fragrance has great longevity and sillage is moderate. If others are offended by your love for oud fragrances, Arooq Al Oud will be a pleasant surprise for them.
10.0 5.0 7.5 9.0/10

220 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Tart Masculinity from Saudi Arabia!
Who says Arabian men only like their perfume amiable, sweet and flowery? With Arooq Al Oud the brand Al Rehab shows us a different way. Arooq Al Oud does completely without any recognizable florals or citric notes - and so it is something special! I do not know many ouds without flowers among the fancy western releases. Only two: Pure Oud of by Kilian – which I do not like that much – and the very expensive (520 €!) and also extreme Intricate by Boadicea the Victorious.

So, Arooq Al Oud is really masculine, maybe not a Charles Bronson, but let's say – Omar Sharif type of fragrance. It is woody and tart, but not unbalanced. Unfortunately, Al Rehab has not released the scent pyramid, so I rely on my own nose. Besides the oud, I smell a decent amount of amber – but not the dry, pale stuff which is the discreet and boring background of so many western perfumes. The note “Amber” as I have found it in traditional Arabian perfumes relates to a much bigger extent to the imaginations I have about burnt natural amber resin. In extreme cases, this can be as smoky as a decent, heavily smoked German Schwarzwälder Schinken (Blackforrest Ham). This may not bother people from Arabia where smoked pork is not eaten – but it is the reason why I dislike i.e. By Kilians attempt “Pure Oud”.

However, Arooq Al Oud integrates the amber note much better than the high-priced By Kilian fragrance. Here, the amber accompanies the Oud by adding just a slight smokiness – by far not as intrusive as to evoke those bacon and ham imaginations.

The third element in it is probably sandalwood. I think, behind this denomination there can be quite different possible ingredients. I guess it's something like Javanol, a rather tart variant of sandalwood. At least, I see a reminiscence to Montale's Amber & Spices or Greyland, where this kind of sandalwood is also included. And it is those two western “ouds” that with their tart and masculine appeal come closest to Arooq Al Oud so far. The sandal note is by the way the one that is still there when after many hours the rest is all gone. The longevity of Arooq Al Oud is sufficient – for a few hours, you have a beautiful accord of four notes. The fourth note is leather or something close to it.

The combination of all that has something of antique furniture, maybe the smell of horse stables and leather saddles – but all those imaginations do not really match. Anyway, the musty and fungus-like smell of oud is hard to come by with comparisons. You simply have to have your own experiences.

Arooq Al Oud starts as a powerhouse, but soon steps back into an altogether moderate sillage. I can wear it at the office, but I do get occasional positive comments.

Something is missing in Arooq Al Oud: it does not have this strange, not very beautiful “hairspray” note that you can find in the head of so many oud perfumes, i.e. most of the Montale ouds – which is good. And due to the missing florals and sweet notes, Arooq Al Oud is not at all overblown or fustian – which you can accuse of many other ouds.

Oud fragrances are hardly light, and Arooq Al Oud is no exception. Exclusive followers of aquatic or citric summer scents will not have much fun with it. But those who have a weakness for strong, tart and unsweetened gent's perfumes might like it. So, if Knize Ten, Terre d'Hermès, Antaeus or any leather chypre is in your collection, do not miss Arooq Al Oud!

Al Rehab is not a luxury brand. They sell every day fragrances that everybody can afford. To be honest, not all of their perfumes are recommendable. If you buy an Al Rehab fragrance, you should be aware that the European IFRA regulations are not valid in Saudi Arabia: no risk, no fun!

In my local Arab shop in Bonn I payed only 25 € (32 USD) for the 60 ml bottle of Arooq Al Oud. For this small money, you get a heavy glass flacon with a solid die-casting ornament with little glass slivers in it (almost Svarovski!). The cap has a bigger glass stone. This is simply a beautiful perfume bottle that one likes to touch. Great value for the money!

Arooq Al Oud is so far my favourite Arab perfume.

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