Dakar (Eau de Parfum) by Al Rehab

Dakar Eau de Parfum

25.07.2021 - 04:06 AM

I read all the hype…

… and I grew up in the Drakkar Noir era (when every male everywhere owned a bottle by the time they hit 21), so I decided to grab a couple bottles on eBay (i mean c’mon, they’re only like $7) to test the hype.

They arrived in the mail, I hit the shower, and squirt, squirt here we go…

OH HECK YEAH!!! Time traveling back to the my late 80s/early 90s teenage years… nostalgia with an ACCURATE kick (the new Drakkar is more soapy than it used to be, with less punch, and shorter lifespan).

This stuff has a wicked projection punch that blasts out an easy 6+ feet and fills the room… sillage? Yep. Everyone will know it was YOU who was there before them… WoW… for nostalgic purposes, this one wins…

I’ll play with it as one to wear after dinner once in a while, not one I’m going to rock on a date or a night out, but as far as finding the old school Drakkar nostalgia… I’ve found it… and I’m STOKED!

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