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Soft (Perfume Oil) by Al Rehab
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Soft (Perfume Oil) is a popular perfume by Al Rehab for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is sweet-gourmand. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
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Submitted by Frankie, last update on 15.10.2020.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Soft (Eau de Parfum) by Al Rehab, which differs in concentration.
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Helpful Review    4  
The hidden summer lemon - a procrastination commentary.
difficult beginning:

I've had this scented oil lying around for two years. I haven't liked it since I got it.
It is very loud, intense and long lasting. Every time I smelled it it was too powdery, too sweet, too attic, too soap, reminded me of a granny's bathroom.
Since it's so sweet and strong, I dared to wear it only on cold days. i gave him a chance every now and then, but it just didn't fit I could never understand the comments on lemon candy floss either... Lemon? WHERE?!


Today, on a warm day, I rummaged in my little al Rehab - perfume oil box and then pulled out this cheap scooter.
...very carefully patted on the back of the hand... PAM lemon cake. What?
How is it that he smells so different now? Where did the lemon come from, and why do I like him so much? I hated you so much...
Is it the summer dopamine? The mixture with vitamin D3? or simply the temperature that opens up the beautiful lemon note? Has my taste changed? What happened... I don't know. But I'm very happy about it.
I didn't quite trust the whole thing yet, went to bed with my book and couldn't concentrate on reading at all with my nose on the back of my hand. That's amazing. I got up, rolled over: Wrists, neck, ankles, almost too much. But it had to be done Just like that comment. (this has nothing to do with procrastination! *cough* )

The new fragrance experience:

I understand why I smelled soap and powder, but in my current perception, these notes move in the background and give the fragrance a bit more structure. So it's not one of those cardboard sweet sugar bombs, but somehow a little more interesting.
The sweetness, the creaminess and the lemon are in the first row.
I'm thinking a little bit of ice cream, buttermilk lemon or something
I am happy about the little new discovery and who has similar muff experience: try it on a warm day :)

Durability and performance and fancy:

The fragrance is very persistent and the oil is very rich. A few swabs (!) are enough to be perceived long and far (those who know al Rehab know this, but this one is even more...intense). The Sillage is impressive. Therefore: keep care! D
The bottle is... well, whatever. hold a roller pen
The smell is top. Thanks for reading!
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Helpful Review    5  
Love at second glance
I have from this fragrance for about 1 year the oil (3 ml).
I put something on my skin then.
I didn't like him at all.
I thought it was good but it was too strong, too penetrating, too loud...
In short... Terrible!
A few days ago I started mixing my own fragrances from perfume oils.
Since a lot of me then the oil of SOFT in my hands.
I decided to mix it too.

First of all, I'm not a professional, I mixed the first time.
The way I did it, of course you don't have to :).
3 ml Soft + 17 ml basic water + 1 drop distilled water
I then placed the scent with the others in a dark box for a few days in the cool hallway.

Today I put it on.
I think it's so beautiful now.
Mixed he starts on my skin citric, from caramel I do not notice anything yet.
It's sweet.
A few minutes later I'm guessing caramel.
After about 30 minutes I definitely notice caramel.
The citric is still present, but becomes softer.
The fragrance gets a little sweeter.
From the development point of view, caramel becomes more present.
Vanilla can be seen after some time, but is very small (keeps itself honest in the background).
The scent gets a little powdery, at least that's how I feel it.
Developed I describe it so:
Beautiful caramel scent, accompanied with great sweetness and a minimal vanilla note.
All sprinkled with lemon powder.
In this fragrance citric plays a big role in the beginning.
Caramel pushes itself forward sometime and takes over the dominant part.

The durability in mixed condition I find super.
I've been wearing it for 6 hours now and still notice it very well.

I am very happy to have given him another chance :).
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