Soft (Eau de Parfum) by Al Rehab

Soft Eau de Parfum

16.10.2020 - 12:30 AM

First feeling: enourmous headache

When I first smelled this piece, I was quite sorry, because I bought it without previous trying and it was not quite something I expected.
After only a day, I tried it again, but then, I was like - this is so amazing :)
You have to know, this is very strong fragnance, gourmand, sweet and oriental. And its easy to be over-perfumed, again, when we talk about this bottle in the picture - only a half of a whole dose is enough. That doser gives quite a lot of a fragnance, so think about it.

To the perfume: first feeling is caramel together with some citrus chords. Later it becomes more smoothy, "creamy" (if it can be said about this piece, well) and caramel becomes more and more beautiful. There are of course (expecially in the beginning) some flower tones, which probably makes that "enourmous feeling" on the beginning, when its mixed with caramel (and maybe a little bit chocolate - but in this time, cant help myself, but I feel white chocolate). And on my skin, after a few hours, there can be felt: soft and creamy caramel + a little bit of white chocolate + citruses.
Later I have it on my skin, the more I like this fragnance (probably because flower tones are getting weaker and weaker).
Though its gourmand, sweet and strong fragnance, it does not last very long, at least not what you would have expected from sweet and gourmand fragnance. I guess its about 5-6 hours, but on the clothes it lasts a few days.
RECOMMEND: If you´re on a state like "Do I like this fragnance, or its just too strong?", try mix it with some musk (e.g. Musk mood from Lattafa, I wouldnt try some heavier and intense musks, but otherwise, you can try), it will become more creamy.

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