Vetiver Moss by Alexander McQueen

Vetiver Moss 2018

15.04.2021 - 11:16 PM

Princess of the Forest

Oh. My. God.

This.... where to start from??
It is DIVINE. I kid you not, upon first spray it sent me into a spraying frenzy! All I wanted to do was to drown in this velvety, lightly sweet, somewhat candied moss and OUTSTANDING vetiver. And I don't even like vetiver!!!

Velvet, there is no other word to explain this number. Top quality ingredients, magnificent packaging, a sturdy bottle with thick bottom, round and pleasant to hold, a ridge cap so easy to remove but firmly fixed on the nozzle top. Like a classy hat! I LOVE IT.
This made me dream of faraway places, and people: a young Tzarina walking in the forest, the cold and mossy air embracing and matching her regal features. A light note of fruity vetiver on the skin, she walks this Earth owning every bit of that remote place, relishing in unfettered beauty.
Never in my life I thought I'd smell fruit from vetiver - it's exhilaratingly beautiful! Dreamy.

It sits more on the feminine side of things - I honestly don't see a man pulling this off, though not impossible if layered with other scents.
Long lasting (12 hours to go on skin scent on me) and incredible projection: 6 feet away my hubby smelled this and went: oh... that's very nice!... he never comments on my perfumes, says it loud!

Worth EVER penny you'll pay for and the plus side is that this number will provide also the perfect base for tons of different layering! I am in love, seriously. Looking up now the others in the range to stock up!
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