Across the Universe (2018)

Across the Universe by Alexandria Fragrances
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Across the Universe is a new perfume by Alexandria Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-citrusy. It is still in production.

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White blossoms, Amalfi lemon, Bergamot, Jasmine, Musk, Woody notes, Rose



7.8 (3 Ratings)


7.3 (3 Ratings)
Submitted by Flingo71, last update on 18.08.2019
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Travel the universe and maybe pick up alien women
Good evening, you olfactory bulbs! Today I come to a fragrance which reflects an old dream of mankind, namely to travel through the universe (Across the Universe). Not only Star Wars nerds like me have this dream, but probably many other people too, because there could be nothing more exciting than seeing strange planets or even universes!

Imagine what you could see (or not see because of the limited color spectrum of the human eye... there are certainly colors you've never seen before and you'd go insane if you suddenly discovered a color you've never seen before, and it's probably such a beautiful color that you couldn't get enough of!! He he he,... waah!).
And for singles like me there might be more opportunities to get to know someone apart from the bitchy earth women, but stop,... with my bad luck the extraterrestrial woman would either be a slimy thing,... or look like a modern cubic painting and have a face like the woman at the bottom right of Picasso's painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon", puuuuh!!! :DD

Be that as it may, as we probably won't be able to explore the universe for quite some time (which would be really necessary... no, not because of the girls, but because we are destroying our planet more and more!), we can at least discover new scents and continue our olfactory journeys. Well, that brings me to the description of the fragrance! And excuse me for calling you ladies bitchy earth women :DD

The fragrance:
Ah, the fragrance starts very citric with a quite authentic scent of Amalfi lemon. Besides, it has light, aquatic notes and a first sweetness of musk. After a short while you can still smell the white flowers, which of course are not really identifiable (at least not from me!).
Not much actually happens in itself. Even much later one still smells the lemons well, even if they are of course much weaker and less tangy than at the beginning. Musk doesn't get any stronger, so that the fragrance is rather unsweet or not very sweet. And that's it, because the fragrance doesn't last very long. A beautiful, citric fragrance that refreshes quickly and well, but offers little variety and shelf life.

Sillage and shelf life:
As with fragrances with lemons, the Sillage is unfortunately quite small. But at least it is sufficient to appear fresh on hot days and to be a little (for a short time) smelly from close up. The shelf life is therefore also quite short. Already after three hours it is so weak that it is close to the body and you can hardly smell anything.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and filled with yellow scented liquid. It has a white, narrow label with the name of the fragrance and the logo showing the Pharos (the lighthouse) of Alexandria. The bottle seems to be of high quality, even if it should look simple.

So, that was Across the Universe, and believe me, like a journey through space or through the universe, the fragrance does not appear to me. I would have expected a scent full of variety with many different scents. Maybe Across the Universe is only based on the song of the same name of the Beatles, who composed this song during their Indian meditation attempts, where they tried themselves in Transcendental Meditation to master techniques like "Yogic Flying" in order to reach higher states of consciousness, which might seem like a journey through the universe :))

Be that as it may, the scent is poor in variety, but it smells wonderfully of authentic and lively lemon, which is especially good on really hot days. Besides, there are white flowers that smell loose and light and thus intensify the feeling of summer. Despite its simplicity, I think the fragrance is beautiful and that citrus lovers might like it very much. Oh and despite its flowery notes it is already unisex, so I don't find it purely feminine now.

All right, so he hasn't become a journey into space, ... so it seems that I am confined to the earth as far as ladies are concerned, ... and which therefore considerably reduces my chances of finding something nice, doesn't it? At least in comparison to the gigantic universe!!! ... *sigh* :DD
Apart from that: Think of alien cats!!! What cute cuddly creatures there should be!! :))

Well then, I wish you all a nice evening, a good week start and until next time,... oh and may the power be with you :D
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Itchynose 126 days ago
A very pleasant combo of soft white flowers, bright Amalfi lemon and a hint of rose. Musky, clean and leaning feminine.+1

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