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Omertà is a popular perfume by Alexandria Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still in production.

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Tobacco, Vanilla, Whisky, Oud



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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 24.01.2019.
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Very helpful Review    4  
Just keep quiet and smoke a pipe!
Hmm... sometimes you ask yourself with some scents, how the manufacturers come on certain names. As here with Omertà, which is the name of the obligation of secrecy of criminals, what one knows possibly above all from so some Mafia films.

It may well be that the producer or at least the person responsible for the naming has watched some gangster movies shortly before and was really fascinated that he thought that you could take a name from a criminal milieu, and to be honest, such a name is also much more interesting than a simple "For Men" or something, isn't it?

But... does the scent smell gangster? What about them? What do gangsters smell like? Or asked a different question? How does the omertà smell? Since it actually means secrecy where you don't learn anything, it makes sense that the scent should actually... smell of nothing,... or not? :DD

The fragrance:
Uhh, the scent liquid seems to be a little more oily than you're used to, by the way! At any rate, I immediately smell tobacco at the beginning, and also sweet notes through the vanilla. These sweet notes of vanilla also seem a little fruity to me. The Oud begins rather resinous and reminded me at the beginning even rather of incense, before the oudige smell became always better recognizable. You can smell whiskey, but it weakens quickly and in my opinion it fades into the background.
A little later the sweet notes lose their fruity side note, so that they now smell like these vanilla pipes together with the tobacco. By the way, Oud remains quite discreet, like the whiskey, well well, maybe a bit stronger than the drink.
In the base, the fragrance smells even sweeter because of the vanilla, which is the strongest base note at all. Oud is still small, and if I am honest, the oud even seems like myrrh to me. Anyway, it's a nice fragrance, though a little unspectacular.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is above average or almost good, which means you don't necessarily have to get so close to someone to be able to smell the scent for a while. In the middle part the fragrance becomes more subtle, but later to the base it radiates better again because of the vanilla.
The shelf life is, one already suspects it, quite good because of the vanilla and lasts longer than ten hours.

The bottle:
The flacon resembles the flacons of Dua Fragrances and is quite simple. Presumably it is of high quality, but optically it looks rather functional and therefore not very beautiful. Interesting by the way that Dua Fragrances have a fragrance called "Festivus With The Mobster"! A coincidence? D

Hm... the name Omertà could be used to describe this fragrance. What do you mean? Well, the fragrance smells mostly of vanilla and tobacco and is reminiscent of vanilla pipes. That means, completely in the sense of secrecy it is almost as if one would light a pipe to smoke it pleasurably, without saying a "word of death" :D

The scent smells nice but not really special. He's also more masculine than unisex. I think you can use the scent during the day, at work or any other time, and if you don't want to attract attention, you can also use it in the evening. The use of a fragrance is a matter of taste anyway and left to everyone. I think this one fits to the season at any time...

I wonder what the eponym of this fragrance is thinking up right now? ... surely he cries when he sees how cool Robert de Niro was in gangster roles at that time, which he was able to play absolutely super and his films today, well, not necessarily all of them get close to the class of his earlier films.
But you never know, after all de Niro is supposed to work with Martin Scorsese on a new gangster movie, in which not only Al Pacino plays, but also Joe Pesci for such a long time! Waah, I'm really excited about this!!!

Well then, I wish everyone a nice evening here, and don't forget: switch on again tomorrow! ... Bah, what a terrible spell! DD

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