Royal Equestrian (2018)

Royal Equestrian by Alexandria Fragrances
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Royal Equestrian is a popular perfume by Alexandria Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.

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Citric notes, Apple, Lavender, Violet, Geranium, Amber, Spices, Vanilla, Woods



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Submitted by Greifswald, last update on 29.12.2019.
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Snail, can I buy you a baked apple?
The fragrance is supposed to be a Layton copy and according to the other comments and statements it probably is, too. I don't know myself, I never smelled the Layton. I rarely find prices above 100€ for perfume justified and have to honestly admit that with the fragrance components that are interesting but don't match my preferences 100%, I simply wasn't willing to spend such a sum for this very fragrance. Therefore, from the outset "only" the Royal Equestrian could be considered.

Since I don't only want to stay with the "it's cheaper, has a strong sillage and endurance" (which is undoubtedly the case), I now describe what I smell and what scene I have in my head
For me, the fragrance components (I smell mainly apple, cinnamon, vanilla and some cirtric) combine to a baked apple field fragrance. Very sweet, heavy, cinnamon. And for that I have the scene of a 16-year-old man in my head, styled up to the point of no longer going, on his way to the local fair to attract the attention of the ladies. Attract attention at any price! When he finds a girl he likes, he shouts, "Snail, can I buy you a baked apple?"

The most recent comment in PdM Layton is "...". it smells like a brothel". I think that's right. Even if the author of this commentary thinks that's just fine. I find the scent very youthful, immature, open-minded. It's too heavy, too deliberate, too special. This might be a success as a teenager with women. Not as an adult.

Summarized: not my case, but well done.
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Incredible part
Very good copy of PdM Layton. The top note differs a bit, but in a good way I personally think the top note of Layton needs getting used to ;) The durability is enormous even after 3! Days still on clothes in approx. 15 cm distance perceptibly similarly strongly as with Dior Homme perfume, dot at Royal Equestrian. Sillage also above average with Layton absolute at eye level, point division.
Last but not least, the price. I think I don't have to make a big comparison to that everyone will know who's ahead ;)
All in one a top clone with stronger performance and lower price...what do you want more ?
On the subject of compliments: I ordered a 7 Sample Pack Royal Equestrian(Layton), A private Man (CH men Prive),Arabian Horse(Herod),Apple Crump(Oajan),The Irish Gentlemen( GIT,Cool water),The Run Way(Reflection Men) and Hawaii Volcano(Creed VIW).
I asked several friends and relatives which one of them is their favorite, here in order of places:
1.Royal Equestrian
2.Arabian Horse/The Run Way
3.Hawaii Volcano/The Irish Gentlemen
4.Apple Crumb/ A Private Man
From my side absolute purchase recommendation even if I would recommend to order a Sample Pack first ;) The 60ml version of Royal Equestrian and Arabian Horse I ordered right after testing The Run way and Hawaii Valcano will follow ;)
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5.0 9.0 8.0 9.5/10

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As Good as Layton
This fragrance is honestly just as good as Layton. There is one caveat, and this is that Layton is a bit richer and a bit deeper. Not enough for anyone to notice unless they are really trying.
As far as sillage, longevity go, RE is actually better.

I am beside myself with this one honestly. When I first sprayed Layton on my body last year, I fell in love. I thought to myself that this is what pure magic smells like. This is what love must actually smell like.

I was, and still am in love with PDM Layton, and I will always have this in my collection as I have formed precious memories with it.

When I saw that RE was a Layton clone, I thought, "how dare something claim to be as good as my precious Layton". So I decided to evaluate it myself.

I am blown away, and I am being honest here, Royal Equestrian is as good as Layton...if not better due to the price point, sillage and longevity.

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