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Farao (Voda po holení) by Alpa
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Farao (Voda po holení) is a perfume by Alpa for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-woody. It is still in production.

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8.2 (3 Ratings)


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Submitted by Frankie, last update on 17.11.2019.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Farao (Kolínská Voda) by Alpa, which differs in concentration.
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Greatly helpful Review    16
Czech is back! Or: The Pharaoh of Chyprus
The dry spell from two Czech shaving waters, which I could only evaluate with six points (in "Olimon" it was still enough for a comment, in "Diplomat Forever" only for a matt statement) are over. With the Farao, which I hunted for a long time and now finally tested, I can continue the series of good-humoured to enthusiastic Bohemian reviews that stuttered through this and give away a (still quite conservative!) 8.5.

"Farao" has nothing to do with the lighthouse or with the Faroe Islands, but means, as you can imagine from the hieroglyphics and drawings on the label, "Pharaoh". My expectation was therefore (although this would be unusual with aftershave) something sweet oriental or at best a spice bomb in the style of Old Spice. But it was different.

First and foremost, I encounter the fragrance as rich as wood; by this I don't mean this dry, saw-chip-like, pointed note, which is considered modern today, but rather a beautiful, deep dark, hardwood tone, almost gnarled, saturated with polish and tired of oak wood for decades. This leitmotif is accompanied by complementary notes in my perception, which I would describe as fine-herbaceous-fresh (perhaps melissa-like?), clean-fine soapy (perhaps with a hint of flowers), menthol-like and a very small bit of lebkuchen spicy. I find the scent bearish, more precisely forest-brown bear, but more so for a bear leader, perhaps an attractive head bear in the best years.

For a small water of this price class (1 Euro in the drugstore on the other side of the border, 12 Euro at Pomadeshop in the dispatch; i have nothing to do with the company, I'm not even a customer, but to my knowledge it's the only way to get to it if you don't want to go physically to Bohemia), I find this complexity just as fascinating as the quite existing scent (direction warmer and fuller), the very valuable impression (nothing looks flat, creaky, unround, synthetic or cheap) and the durability of about 2 hours appropriate for an Eau de Rasage. The good care effect I had expected in view of earlier experiences.

Let's turn briefly to the outward appearances: I could now refer to the sister product "Farao Koliska Voda" (the accompanying cologne, I don't know it yet), which is represented on Parfumo with a picture and add, the aftershave looks exactly the same, except that the cardboard is dark brown as the main colour and the bottle is labelled golden yellow. You can also have a look at the bottle on the website of the manufacturer Alpa or at Pomadeshop. But since football reports also have their appeal on the radio, I try to describe the invisible (at least the bottle, the much more beautiful cardboard I leave out): It is a 120 ml bottle made of plain glass with a basically plain cylindrical shape, which is, however, bulbous in the middle. The shape is somewhat unusual and reminds of a hand grenade cut off at the top and bottom. She's not pretty, but she's special. The golden lettering is not printed on the glass, but on a transparent film that sticks to the glass, which I imagine to be quite difficult in production due to the bellyiness. Even more original is the pouring mechanism, which I only know from dishwasher bottles, but not from fragrances. It's a kind of plastic button on a metal ring that you have to pluck so that you can pour out the contents. If you press the button back on the ring, the bottle closes automatically.

Finally some descriptions from other sources. Since it will probably take some time until the second comment here, I can deliver several voices at once. The little nose at my side found Farao "wonderfully retro and right after man". A colleague was also impressed. On the Pomadeshop page, characterized by a moderate product lyricism that does not reach the embarrassment threshold, one reads of menthol, sandalwood, of "woody-spicy in the style of the 40s" and of "earthy-soapy". The German-language version of the manufacturer's website expresses itself briefly, as usual curiously, but somehow aptly, as follows: "The product soothes and refreshes the skin after shaving. It contains a mixture of active ingredients that disinfect and regenerate the skin. It's got the typical Chyprus wood scent." That's it.
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