Essence de Patchouli Eau Parfumée

Essence de Patchouli (Eau Parfumée) by Alyssa Ashley
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Essence de Patchouli (Eau Parfumée) is a popular perfume by Alyssa Ashley for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is earthy-powdery. It is still in production.

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Variant of the fragrance concentration

Essence de Patchouli (Eau Parfumée)

This is a variant of the perfume Essence de Patchouli (Eau de Parfum) by Alyssa Ashley, which differs in concentration.
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Not even Patchouli light
Some questions simply cannot be answered. Like this one: Why did I give up patchouli for so long? Whenever someone passes me wearing this scent, I smile and think: "Mmmmmmhhh, Patchouli ...! Should I buy another one?"
But I never did it - maybe because I didn't have a convincing patch perfume or because other fragrances seemed more worth buying. This should now have an end. As soon as autumn arrived, it was clear to me: A patch fragrance was needed! I started looking. Of course my ideal patch shouldn't smell like those little oil bottles the hippies of the 70's liked to use for scenting. It can be something more sophisticated.
My research soon led me into the gothic scene, where the earthy scent is apparently still indispensable. Well. I don't want to smell like a gothie either. I'm probably no longer young or undemanding enough for inexpensive skull and crossbones bottles.
I wished for something that of course already exudes this bitter, earthy unisex sweetness of the patchouli bush, but nothing dominant musty, crypt-like or cellar-like. I imagine that the dark patchouli would go well with a little velvety rose. Perhaps something finely woody and a hint of vanilla could also give the patchouli the right amount of warmth and sweetness - as a small consolation, so to speak, on days that are poor in light, wet and foggy, as they are now approaching.
Without having tested it before, I didn't want to buy a very expensive fragrance either. I had to find out that we Austrians seem to be quite patchouli-muffled. For whatever reason.
Finally I had found a patch that seemed to correspond to the description of what I had in mind as a companion for the autumn. But Alyssa Ashley Essence de Patchouli was nowhere to be found. I knew the brand, of course. Musk and vanilla from Alyssa Ashley were also to be found everywhere. But Patchouli? No way! Hmm. What to do?
The description finally made me so curious that I risked ordering a 100 ml bottle of Eau Parfumée Cologne Spray on the Internet. Sensual patchouli with Rose Absolue and Geranium is promised to bring a very soft, oriental mixture. Sounds good for an autumn perfume. Didn't I? And with a price of less than 20 Euro you can't do very much wrong.
Soon after, I called Alyssa Ashley my own. Or rather, her promising fragrance composition Essence de Patchouli. I couldn't wait to spray it on. First on my wrist, as a precaution. And it stayed that way. Because this Essence de Patchouli is anything but Patchouli. Even worse, Patchouli was not available at all ...
My first impression was: sweet, but not flowery sweet, but sweet like musk. It's okay when you're in the mood for musk. But when you're set for patchouli, the disappointment is great.
I wanted a soft, cuddly patchouli with floral notes, especially rose. Nothing scratchy, nothing exaggeratedly mystical, but beautifully earthy like fallen autumn leaves in the forest, somewhat mysterious, but not too distant and disturbing. What I got wasn't even Patchouli light. That was an arbitrarily sweet muscle, without highlights, without changes, without character, without depth. Petty, meaningless, disappointing. What a shame!
The next disappointment was the almost non-existent shelf life. The scent was very weak from the beginning. Sillage equals zero. But I think it may well be a little more intense in autumn.
Maybe I shouldn't have chosen cologne. But Patchouli fragrances are mostly "overdosed", so I wanted to be a little careful for now.
In summer, I was accompanied by the striking unisex of Hermès Concentré de Pamplemousse Rose, an EdP that captivates with its trendy refinement and creative uniqueness - which is probably one of the reasons why I had high expectations of a fragrance < br /> My search for a good patchouli that shows a stronger personality and inspires me more will continue.
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Carlitos01 120 days ago
Truly unisex, with a very nice patchouli earthy scent and a joy to wear as an EDC. Pretty inexpensive.+3

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