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Amanda is a perfume by Amanda Lepore for women and was released in 2008. The scent is powdery-fresh. It was last marketed by Artware Editions.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesChampagne, Strawberry, Cucumber, Mandarin, Citruses
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrange blossom, Tuberose absolute, Violet, Iris
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Orris root, Blond woods, Lipstick accord



6.6 (7 Ratings)


7.0 (5 Ratings)


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6.5 (9 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

5000 bottles have been made. 125 ml cost $550.

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5.0 5.0 7.0/10

60 Reviews
The powder puff on the vanity table of decadence
I didn't know quite exactly how to start this review since a few impressions come to mind when stumbling over this fragrance. First you got the advertiser of the scent, Amanda Lepore. I don't want to say my personal thoughts about the person since I want to review the fragrance for you without prejudices. Then there's the bottle - yes, it looks like a disco ball, but could be something else as well. To me it looks like the flaconisation of Ms. Lepore's breast implants, unnatural and surreal in shape, therefore striking and prominent. OK, I said something still, but end that for now. A look at the pyramid raises my curiosity. Strawberries, cucumber, champagne, the beloved tuberose and finally the so-called lipstick-accord - unusual, interesting, I want to smell it.

So let's just dive in into the world of eccentricity, decandence and bizarreness.
The opening is a mix of bubbly champagne, fruity strawberries and refreshing cucumber. An opening that couldn't be more bizarre than that. Fruity sweetness paired with vitalizing freshness and effervescent luxury. It seems to be Amanda Lepore's philosophy of life for sure. After the opening settles down there's a change to the scent that surprises me a lot. I smell something very hard to describe. It's somehow powdery, partly synthetic, yet seemingly oily, almost floury. It has to be the lipstick-accord I'm smelling and I wonder a lot about me liking it because I never thought I would like the smell of lipstick, let alone I never thought the essence could be captured in a scent. The lipstick leaves a permanent trace on my skin and nose. The grand finale is openend by one of the most beautiful creatures of the night, the tuberose. Her aromatic & sweet scent is enhanced by a layer of powder deluxe. Together with violet and orris root (in fact the specially created orriniff-molecule) the tuberose pollinates everything as if pollen trickles down continuously. I feel like I'm permanently processed with a powder puff, but very softly and not overpowering as tuberose can be for some. Additionally I'm still refreshed anew from time to time by the cucumber that's coming back like a beauty mask to lay down on your skin and moisten it.
This is truly no common scent, but I like it quite a lot. It's exactly the type of scent I like. The lasting power is acceptable and one may attract attention for sure. I assume not many people have smelled something like this before.

So what is "Amanda" after all? Is it the barenaked truth that's delivere here? Amanda Lepore without make-up despite make-up notes and associations? I can't really believe it. I would rather call it an artificial entity of aspects of her life. We have elements of luxury and frivolaty with champagne and strawberries. We have decadance and overexaggeration of the glamour lifestyle with the tuberose. From lipstick, violet and orris root/orriniff we get some sort of facade that needs to be deposited. And the cucumber offers the soft core that needs to be discovered. Different ascepts are in this fragrance. Definetely the eccentricity and bizarreness that Amanda Lepore stands for in place of a bunch of people from the superrich. But there is also the already mentioned human, blunt side - the purity, the vulnerable inside. The fragrance is a winner to me because it once again unites components that seem to be contradictory and expresses itself totally different to the advertisement. But since it's a limited product with a very high price ($550 = 500 €) and a breast implant-like looking bottle that even has crystals on it, I wouldn't buy this. I would like to suggest the production company to sell it regularly in fewer amounts for a more profitable price and nicer packaging and I would purchase right away - despite the advertising face that just doesn't appeal to me.
10.0 7.5 7.5 7.0/10

4 Reviews
"I'm Doing It My Way!"

Muse, model, dominat, nightlife hostess, drag queen, fashion icon, designer, singer, or just simply:
most famous transsexual in the world!

All this means ... Amanda Lepore

Art or cult, class or kitsch?

She has certainly been through a lot, until she became what she is today.
After numerous surgeries and a sometimes very dramatic life, Armand finally transformed to Amanda Lepore.

It was the dream of a young boy to drop the masculine body and get a woman.
She has done it, but if Amanda is happy with the result, I would not dare to rate ...
Probably, this is so, even if hard to understand for outsiders who may be initially shocked by her exterior.

I had the opportunity to meet Amanda in a gay disco in Frankfurt, but have not seized it, because I allowed myself to be put off by the facade.
Somehow, I regret this, because my friends, who got to know her,
were really excited by her.

Behind the Plastic-Barbie lays a fascinating personality who manages in a charming way to inspire and impress people.
Isn‘t it ultimately the desire of every human being to be simply loved?
Amanda has certainly earned it!

When I accidentally learned that Amanda has released some time ago a fragrance with her name, no doubt, I was curious about it and then went in search of what is not designed so be easy.

Limited to 5000 copies, the bottle is exactly like Amanda itself: a work of art.
In the form of a disco ball, with 1000 Swarovski crystals occupied and available at a price of $ 550 ...

A glittering disco ball!
There couldn‘t be a better choice for the bottle.
It is their world, Amanda's world:
Here she is born, here she is at home, here she is loved, like she is...

The advertising campaign was shot by celebrity photographer Nico Iliev, whythe job wasn‘t done by the well-known photographer David LaChapelle, who discovered her, is a bit surprising for me.

For the creation of the fragrance is perfumer Christophe Laudamiel was hired.

Only one address „Amanda“ can be ordered from:
Artware Editions Gallery in New York.
Rebecca Epstein Kong, owner of the Gallery finally answered my request and kindly sent me a small glass vial of Amanda.
After a long way through post offices and the customs authorities, it finally arrived here, luckily still intact.

I was curious and not sure if the smell really is, what the big show it, around promises ...

Amanda's appearance begins, I would not have expected, with gentle tones.
Almost gently, she strokes my cheek and breathes with her bright red lips,
"Darling, I am here" in my ear, well, it‘s unlikely to overlook her, anyway.

A glass of champagne is served Madame, not just any kind,
only the outrageously expensive Roederer Cristalle comes into question.
Relish and frivolous she licks on a strawberry that she keeps with her nails painted in red.
Subtle fresh chords stay in the background, but the aquatic nuances of cool cucumber is briefly stepping into the spotlight, and the contrast between red fruit and green vegetable could not be greater.

But just contrasts create tension and some contrasts Amanda combines herself anyway.

Amanda opens her heart to us and the lovely flowers of violet, tuberose and orange blossom fit perfectly.

No roses? Right: no roses!

The fragrance developps warmer and very powdery, the mentioned Lipstick-chord is present in the entire fragrance and gives a line, as if Amanda had written with her lipstick on the large vanity mirror of her wardrobe a heart and "I LOVE YOU, Amanda".

Darker tones are finally selected in the base of Laudamiel: iris root in combination with Amber.
Amber? Not quite!
He took a fragrance molecul called "Orriniff" that produces a chord of amber, iris, violet leaf and mimosa, also you can make out leathery and woody hints.

A really very artificial fragrance, but very suitable for Amanda and frankly I find this artificiality, highly interessting almost intoxicating .

Not in a narcotic, anesthetic or opulent way, no, it's more of a tricky, powdery feather boa who goes around my neck and won‘t let me go.

Turn away my head? No chance:
You HAVE to look, you HAVE to smell.

Amanda laughs out loud and her voice seems to be an echo from another world,
it lies somewhere between man and woman.

Art or cult, class or kitsch You might ask ...

Amanda's response might be:

"Whatever, I'M Doing It My Way!"
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