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Eau Yes for Him by Amorelie
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Eau Yes for Him is a new perfume by Amorelie for men and was released in 2018. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is still in production.

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Geza Schön

Fragrance Notes

Ginger, Pink pepper, Bergamot, Lime, Clary sage, Juniper, Freesia, Water lily, Hedione, ISO-E-Super, Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Ambergris, Vanilla absolute, Musk, Castoreum



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Submitted by AndreasU, last update on 28.07.2019
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9.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    7
Sprightly fresh spring and summer scent
I've got something new to tell you. This time a fragrance from Amorelie. Most people know this brand from advertising. Amorelie is a manufacturer of erotic toys and other accessories in this industry. A combination that I found funny and exciting, that's why this fragrance was on my wish list for a long time. Had discovered him on Parfumo among the new releases and was immediately excited. It is difficult to classify whether it is a trash scent or a serious scent that costs a certain price. Since Geza Schön, who also owns the great brand Escentric Molecules, is the perfumer I had high expectations. The price is only 50ml, which costs 59,95 everywhere. Not cheap, but within limits. Besides the Amorelie-Shop also available at Amazon and Flaconi. With the latter I also ordered this fragrance last month.

On the Amorelie side, this fragrance is advertised as a fragrance with an aphrodisiac effect and the scientifically proven attracting effect of Iso-E-Super advertised. Of course the advertising drum plays a big part, but I thought Geza Schön could create something good here.
The bottle is very chic. Great rather simple bottle with beautiful writing and light blue stripe on the back. It's great in the hand. Unfortunately only available in 50ml.
The pyramid is huge and not divided into head, heart and base. I can sign it like that. A slight course is present, but not too much. Also the fragrance appears very versatile with many notes, even if some notes are in the foreground here. He reminds me of Dior Homme Sport with a lot of lime and ginger, although not on a twin basis. He is already going in that direction very much, also in a very refreshing and modern way. In addition to lime and ginger, fresh sage also gets through well, paired with fresh soft sandalwood and a fresh grassy note, which fits extremely well into spring. He's just a fun guy. He's very harmonious. It also has a very neat clean touch.
Inappropriate to the manufacturer he is not wicked. The handwriting of Geza Schön can already be seen. If you are looking for a fresh and clean fragrance in the Dior Homme Sport style, you will find it here. It's not the big aphrodisiac, but it's definitely a nice scent that you can score with.
The shelf life is not bombastic, but it is fine for a fresh fragrance. I did not observe the hours exactly, but it should last a little over 5 hours. Sillage is medium and pleasant for everyday life. Can be worn well in warm everyday situations such as in the office, at work or just in leisure time.

In conclusion, I can say that it is definitely worth a test. Even if the offer in this fresh citric department is large, he has many facets of his own which convince and spread good mood
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6.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    60
Wilma Returns
Dear Diary,❤️

i'm so excited. Very much so. I have to tell you this.

Today I found a brochure from a department store called Amorelie in my mom and dad's bedroom. I don't even know this, but I think we'll get a dog.❤️

They had so many so colorful chewing bones in the brochure, sometimes very big and then so thick. They were pretty colorful and sometimes they had some pimples on them. My girlfriend Bärbel, she has a dog too, the Fippo and he has something like that. This looks different, but definitely, because the Fippo already chewed on it.

They had more in the department store, too, so underwear for mama and ointments they had too. Intended for dry or combination skin. Mama has dry cheeks and a greasy forehead she always says ❤️

I ran then quite fast to mummy and showed her the brochure and asked her whether we get a dog. Mama printed it around and I think I caught her asking me how I would get it on there and I showed her the chewing bones. She blushed all over and said I shouldn't see it. It was the same as when I got my Rosa Legoburg.❤️

Mom just said that Dad bought a new perfume and that's why we got the brochure. That's also true because Dad smelled like summer this morning.

It was like when my mom used to make me lemonade in the summer, with lemon and ginger. That smelled like the grape candy I always get from the pharmacy. It's so beautiful. But like lemonade and not like the alp slut.

Then I always feel like the summer is and then I want to play again on a meadow, or swim with my bad wings.❤️

When Daddy came home today, he still smelled so much like summer, so fresh. I liked that.❤️ A little bit it smelled like vanilla and wood and lemon ice cream. And a little bit of meadow too. I liked that. What I don't like is Dead Mate, but it doesn't smell like that either.❤️

But Daddy's always such a scatterbrain. He always forgets what it's called and last night when we were all in bed I heard mum calling "OH JA" loudly. A lot and loud. Papa doesn't speak English very well. He probably didn't understand that so quickly.❤️

But I also asked Dad if we could get a dog, but he also acted as if he knew nothing about it.

I think I played Mama and Papa Mow Mow for the first time the other day. And I learned that when you have a jack, you get to make a wish. I asked for a pony, but Dad said I didn't understand the game. Then I should stop once, but alone I did not want that.
That's what I meant.

Maybe that's why we'll get a dog soon.❤️ In the past I always wanted a Einörchen, but they are so shy. Mama told me to forget it quick.

Tonight at dinner we have pepper rogues and then I ask them again.

I love you. ❤️❤️️❤️❤️️️❤️❤️️

Your Wilma.
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6.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Very helpful Review    7
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, or: Geza Schön & Geza Fies?! ;-)
And here it comes: my first comment first! :-) And yes, I fell for it, but it's not a flop, but more about that later. A perfume from an exclusive online erotic store, created by Germany's No. 1 perfumer (that's true, isn't it?)? Of course, this makes me more than curious, just like the supposed aphrodisiac effect, which I, as a connoisseur of the marketing industry, naturally (!) consider a mere advertising promise! :-) Never mind, ordered, delivered, tried! For the first time test a fragrance with Iso-E-Super (what can the stuff do if it can do something?). Price: Midrange, bottle: unimaginative, but no matter. Everything's okay so far! OH YEAH! :-)

The rise: ginger and lime pure, some pepper perhaps, not earth-shattering, but pleasing and very long lasting. A little sharp, but not scratchy in the nose. For me as a "newbie" very portable. The top note (if it is one) determines the olfactory events even after a half-setting. Definitely something cocktaily, Gin Gin Mule says hello!

The heart: Peu à peu are joined by other notes, juniper (also indispensable for gin) and something floral. But that takes quite a long time, the ginger is still quite present even after an hour. I've never had that before! ;-) I like it, but it's still a little one-dimensional. Quite suddenly then the envelope into the sandalwood bed, which with Amorelie may be to be taken quite literally! ;-)

I am no longer able to smell individual scent components exactly. There are also extremely many of them in the list of ingredients. But it's woody and herbaceous in my nose, caught by a subtle bouquet of flowers floating above everything and a slightly powdery note. The initial freshness does not quite evaporate, but withdraws in favour of the base. Either way "Eau Yes" changed his face quite a bit, but I also like the rougher side of it somehow.

I would like to emphasize that modern sweetness is almost completely dispensed with, which I find unusual in view of the Amorelie brand and its eroticizing intention. Sure, there are a lot of sweet ingredients in the fragrances, but they play discreetly in the background. Probably also the Iso-E-Super, great! ;-) But nevertheless: I like both sides of Eau Yes, even though the face change happens quite suddenly. Whether I can score with it, however, with the female geschlcht, I dare to doubt easily times. But Mr. Schön has done his name in my nose every credit, even though I am not directly in love with Eau Yes now. In addition, the fragrance seems to me to be split and in the top note too woodhammer-like. There's still a very good 8.5! :-)
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