Dia Woman (2002) Eau de Parfum

Dia Woman (Eau de Parfum) by Amouage
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Dia Woman (Eau de Parfum) (Amouage)
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Dia Woman (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Amouage for women and was released in 2002. The scent is floral-powdery. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCyclamen, Bergamot, Tarragon, Fig, Sage, Violet leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrris root, Orange blossom, Peony, Peach blossom, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesGaiac wood, Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Frankincense, White musk, Cedar



8.0 (373 Ratings)


8.5 (266 Ratings)


7.4 (258 Ratings)


8.4 (243 Ratings)
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Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 9.0/10 Scent 8.5/10
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Helpful Review    8
Daily soap
From Dia Woman I got a sample and had to try it out immediately...

First, a very alcoholic smell flies around my ears... What was that? That did not stand so in the fragrance pyramid! however, as fast he came, as fast he disappeared again immediately!

Then it shakes and shakes vigorously and I am soaped in the washing machine times correctly in and/or... ...First wash with fig violet soap, second wash with orange and peach blossom soap and rinse with rose vanilla soap balm...

Freshly washed I am hung up on the clothesline outside.... The sun warms me and I feel like a poodle... as fresh as never before ;)

I smell of delicate flower fig vanilla soap...
...The scent is intensified by the sun and yet lasts very long... Again and again I must sniff at myself :)

Over time, the fragrance becomes finer and more delicate, which I like very much... I could well imagine wearing Dia to a walk on a sunny autumn day..
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Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 0.0/10
Soap is all I smell on my skin, and even cheap soap , no luxury good smelling soap but mainstream ordinary soap, to be sure it was not only me and my nose, I have asked two others to smell it on my skin and their verdict was the same....so a "second full no no" for amouage from me. So far there are 3 amouages I really like, 1 I like , and 2 I dislike.
Scent 7.0/10
This is a most wonderful soap smell, comforting. I would not buy a FB, although I kept sniffing this long-lasting scent. Not for my body, but maybe my pillowcase.
Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 5.0/10 Scent 6.0/10
Interesting, but Amouage Gold is better
Aldehydes can sometimes be seen as dated, especially if they come across as powdery and/or soapy. Not everyone is a fan of floral aldehydes and I do understand that, although I'm the first to defend them if any 'old lady' references come into the mix. Amouage Dia pour Femme is a floral aldehyde, being very classic in its approach. You'll either love it or loathe it.

Dia is a scent that exudes class and sophistication. It's one of those fragrances that you'd expect to find a successful woman with a string of pearls and black, shiny high heels wearing. It's definitely not a fragrance for the shy or the teeny-boppers.

Some have noted comparisons between Chanel No.5 and Dia. I can see what they're getting at, but I don't entirely agree. Dia is less clean and more musky in terms of composition. The turkish rose oil accord settles quite strongly on the skin, providing a richer and heavier dimension.

On my skin, Dia tends to smell soapy and sharp, but not in a way that is unpleasant. The longer I wear it, the more I begin to enjoy it. If I had to compare Dia pour Femme to any other fragrance on the market, I would say that it's very much like YSL's Rive Gauche.

What fascinates me the most about Dia's composition is the soft, clean and refreshing aldehydic opening, counteracted by the somewhat damp, animalistic and musky drydown. All in all, this fragrance has been well executed.

The sillage is fairly strong, however the longevity didn't live up to my expectations unfortunately. After five hours of wear, I can barely smell Dia pour Femme, and that's a shame.

Originally written: July 07, 2012.
Scent 6.0/10
aldehyde alert indeed
Aldehydes on steroids, of sinus clearing intensity right at the first spritz. After my head cleared, my nose registered a heavy floral scented powder following behind the aldehydes and remaining like this for the rest of its lifetime on me. It's not a light dusting of powder, it's like how the aristos in Versailles laid on the powder to hide their body odours since showers were a rarity. I get the comparisons with No. 5 but they are unique in their own ways and both deserve a place in the wardrobe of an aldehyde lover/old school(not old lady)floral powder+aldehyde lover. I cannot stress enough that there is no escaping the aldehydes and I would not have grouped this perfume under floral. It's much much more fizzy than floral. I don't personally categorize scents into day or night but this is too much of a powerhouse to be worn in my line of work, besides being a waste of a gorgeous beauty. Massive sillage and moderate longevity on me.
Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 7.0/10
Aldehydes, I repeat: Aldehydes
Amouage DIA POUR FEMME appears to contain even more aldehydes than GOLD, and that's saying a lot. In fact, it's probably an olfactory illusion caused by the significant reduction in base notes in this composition, in order to render it a more "daytime appropriate" alternative to GOLD.

But the price paid was too steep, according to my nose, for what remains in DIA is a pared-down version of GOLD by far the most dominant note of which is aldehydes. If I were putting together the note hierarchy, I'd include an entire row of the bright-blue sky aldehyde pictures, because they really overwhelm all of the floral and other notes. This perfume belongs in its own category, not floral, nor even floral aldehyde, but: aldehyde. They are clear; they are crisp; they are limpid and clean. But they are what they are: aldehydes.

For all of the reasons--and then some--that I recommend WHITE LINEN to those who like GOLD, I feel even more compelled to recommend CALECHE (by Guy Robert, creator of GOLD) or CHANEL No. 5 or WHITE LINEN to those who like DIA!

Aldehydes, I repeat: aldehydes.
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Bottle 7.5/10 Sillage 5.0/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 8.0/10
Dia like a Diva
The aldehydes aren't minted so strongly on my skin as others report. They are perceptible but soft and easy for a long time. At first it has similarity to Chanel No. 5.

A dewy colored bouquet of flowers greets me short time later.
Also I feel the smell very soapily creamily. A lovely, luxurious soap.

This flowery elegance has accompanied me a good hour, she steps back quite hesitantly.
Incense, cedar and woods step forward easily quite discreetly ladylikely.
Yes, Dia Woman is also a Diva for me.

Thank Michaela for this further Amouage experience.
Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 8.0/10
The Queen of all Soaps
Some people say abot me that I am a noble and creamy fragrance. Maybe I am, but that depends on the skin on which I am enthroned. But what I am without any doubts is... soapy! My soapiness knows no limit. I like my soapiness so much that I just cannot let go of it. After 1-2 hours I reveal a bit more. My soapiness heats up a little due to body temperature. By these means I release a nice and bright floral bouquet. All remains discreet because I am stingy at working my charms on others. I do not want to get abused by my bearer in order to chase men. I am a ladies' scent for ladies only. After a while I become more confiding and warmer witout ever abandoning my soapiness.

To me Dia is the Arabian sister of Pure Poison. Both scents belong to the same category of white and bright florals. Both become warmer while they develop on the skin. But while Pure Poison has a seductive aspect, Dia is only soapy.
Conclusion: Noble deodorant made in Dubai :-)


Nikolina 3 years ago
Luxury soap scent, long lasting. For me is the small sister of GOLD Amouage. Very elegant perfume!!!+1
Scent 10.0

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