Epic Man by Amouage

Epic Man 2009

21.01.2012 - 01:39 AM

Depends on Your Style.

It's from Amouage, so it's undoubtedly wonderful stuff, with all the strength and longevity I enjoy in a perfume. But to be frank, it's simply not the way I want to smell, nor does it project the sort of personal image I believe I could pull off, nor want to pull off. Others have said that it's macho, and while that might not be quite the right term, I suspect "distinguished" fits the bill, and as a lighter-hearted older guy, I'm simply not interested in ever seeming this distinguished.

Perhaps the sort of thing to wear if you are an established politician stepping out of your Rolls Royce, but carrying with it the same sort of air of high-powered unapproachability that such mindfully-serious men often project. I find it terrifically conservative, and probably not worn by sort of man you might initially consider fun to pal around with.

But exactly the sort of thing to wear if you find yourself in a situation where that's the image you need to project, and probably the perfect stuff to wear if you should find yourself in the position of, say, needing to make an advantageous business deal with a bunch of stone-faced Soviets.

So not the greatest date frag, unless you happen to be into those sorts of women, that is.

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