Fate Woman (Eau de Parfum) by Amouage
Helpful Review    11/16/2013
Bottle 10.0 Sillage 7.5 Longevity 10.0 Scent 3.0
A narrow escape
First 30 min: "Fate" has gorgeous topnotes. Bergamot, cinnamon, pepper - I love this fresh, exhilarating start. After a very short while, I can also perceive the flowers used by perfumer Dorotheé Piot (rose, narcissus, jasmine). The flacon is breathtakingly beautiful. I'm delighted with this stuff - could "Fate" become my first Amouage love? I spray some of it on my coat and on my scarf. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The friendly shop-assistant makes a small decant for me, because I tell her that - finally- this might be the right Amouage for me.
After 45 minutes: "Fate" has changed. OMG, I can't stop smelling my scarf and my wrist. What's the ingredient which ruins it? The initial beauty of topnotes and heart is gone. I'm left with some vile note I must needs wash off. Could it be castoreum? I don't know. My silk scarf needs a wash, too.
Once again, Amouage doesn't work for me at all. I have the impression that Amouage-fragrances are not part of my destiny.
"Fate" is sold at a price of approx. 240 Euros. I had a narrow escape.
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