Gold Woman (1983)Eau de Parfum

Gold Woman (Eau de Parfum) by Amouage
Flacon Design: Verrieres Brosse
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Gold Woman (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Amouage for women and was released in 1983. The scent is flowery-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Guy Robert

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLily-of-the-valley, Rose, Frankincense
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrris root, Jasmine, Myrrh
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar, Civet



7.7 (190 Ratings)


8.4 (137 Ratings)


7.7 (130 Ratings)


8.0 (128 Ratings)
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Scent 5.0/10
Helpful Review    2
Soap for a Queen
This was Dia on steroids, too much for my taste, and not as compelling. Rich and lush, a heavy long-lasting soap.
Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 7.0/10
Amouage's version of Chanel No.5
Just when I thought that Amouage Dia for Women had nailed the aldehyde category, along comes Amouage Gold to 'wow' me even more. This smooth and classic blend deserves every inch of praise.

It may smell classic and powdery to some, however I find this fragrance quite sensual and feminine on the skin. I'm a huge fan of aldehydic florals, Lanvin's Arpege and Chanel No.22, are just a few examples of what I enjoy. Amouage Gold is similar in both style and approach to the two fragrances I mentioned above, however it does stand on its own two feet. The beautiful, smoky vibe created by the silver frankincense, spices up the composition and adds more dimension.

It's quite a powerful scent, one that can be overwhelming at times. I like that it's on the strong side of things, however I make sure my application is light or settled before going anywhere public.

The myrrh and frankincense accords come through quite strong in the heart and drydown, really establishing its exotic roots. This is not a refined and proper floral aldehyde, but a fragrance with a rougher personality and a hint of aggressiveness.

There is an element of maturity conveyed throughout this fragrance which might make Amouage Gold a little difficult for the younger masses to wear. It also has a tendency to turn quite skanky in the drydown, which I personally don't mind, however I know some may find this sudden twist a little shocking.

In terms of longevity, you will be impressed. On a chilly Winter's night, this fragrance clouds you in its scent. Even after a shower, Amouage Gold is faintly present. I whole-heartedly recommend this fragrance, but do be warned that it is powdery and intense.

Originally written: July 08, 2012.
Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 7.0/10
Helpful Review    3
White Linen-esque
If ever there were a floral aldehyde perfume, Amouage GOLD would be one—and there are, so it is! The first two words out of my mouth upon application were: WHITE LINEN. I am truly baffled by the identification of GOLD on my carded sample as an oriental perfume. In fact, the description is stunning in its near vacuity, and all the more since that the *only* word used with a tangible meaning is ‘oriental’—which GOLD is not:

“This classic oriental fragrance, rich in splendor and sophistication is made for the most special luxurious occasion.”

Hmmm… could this be a perfume for old rich people looking for ways to spend some of their massively superfluous money and who know zip about perfume? (and might I be talking to you, Saudi friends of the Bush dynasty?)

If you like GOLD, do yourself a favor and buy Estée Lauder WHITE LINEN (also 5 stars, according to LT, who seems however more interested in GOLD’s unique packaging than in what makes this composition so “rich in splendor and sophistication, made for the most special luxurious occasion”) and pocket the hundreds of dollars in change. While not identical, GOLD and WHITE LINEN smell more like each other than either does to anything else. In a side-by-side test of GOLD edt and WHITE LINEN edp, I find the former a touch sweeter and shinier, and the latter a touch cleaner and greener. I also thought that I detected narcissus in GOLD (though it's not listed in the notes....) but not in WHITE LINEN.

Is GOLD one of the top ten floral perfumes, as The Holey[sic] Book claims? It’s definitely better than BEYOND PARADISE—no argument there!

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