Gold Woman (Eau de Parfum) by Amouage

Gold Woman Eau de Parfum

06.03.2022 - 09:32 PM

Gold woman Amouage eau de parum

I am reviewing a " pre magnetic cap " version.

First spray- blast of soft aldehydes and florals immediately joined by frankincense. It brings a memory of luxurious body cream my mum was using in 80's. and a Sunday service in Catholic church,where all woman worn their best perfume surrounded by holy frankincense smoke.To my nose is very inviting and sensual, just like a mature,self-confident , beautiful and sexy woman. Is nobile but very sensual, enjoy a good book and good wine. As the fragrance dry down it becomes more resinous , but florals and "luxurious cream" are still there in background. I only used 2 small sprays on my chest and a soft cloud of scent surrounds me all day. Is there ,but never aggressive. Is like a hug of loved person. I bought a extract de parum as well and wait to be shipped , I am so curious. Gold and Chanel 5 are like a cousins, both my beloved.
After receiving a pure perfume version I can report that is deeper, aldehydes are tone down and frankincense is more prominent. It us just regal. Florals there smell like pure pollen from blooming flowers smothered with frankincense smoke. Just impossible for me to describe. Treasure
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