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Imitation Woman by Amouage
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Imitation Woman is a new perfume by Amouage for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fruity. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is being marketed by Oman Perfumery.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesRose, Ylang-ylang, Orange blossom, Jasmine
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlackcurrant bud, Aldehydes, Licorice
Base Notes Base NotesFrankincense, Sandalwood, Patchouli



6.9 (69 Ratings)


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8.7 (71 Ratings)
Submitted by Amourage, last update on 02.11.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    20
"The laws of imitation"
The English word 'imitation' is ambiguous, beyond that inaccurate. It is not to be equated with 'imitation' i.S.v. 'fake', it can also be called 'imitation' or 'following'.
So Amouage covers herself with this name, mysterious. And above all he thought about whether the word itself had a nice sound (which was not so successful with 'Bräkkn', 'Müffs' or 'Fikmänt').
The concept of the fragrance once again follows completely independent paths; somehow Amouage's corporate philosophy is not in the mood for corporate philosophy: neither do the perfumes have to be oriental or show their geographical origin, nor do they have a consistent signature or motto. Although "Lilac Love" and "Love Tuberose" are based on the impression of complacency, since "Beach Hut", "Bracken" and the unspeakable "Myths" we know that creative perfumers can just let their hair down. There's no other way to explain this!
If the last six Amouage perfumes are juxtaposed, it almost borders on foolishness, which Amouage takes the liberty of doing.
As a disdainful business economist, I find that strategically very courageous and positive. But in the nature of most humans it lies also not to find so much change well and to oil around that the "new" Amouages are not at all "correct" Amouages.
For people like me, this is a stroke of luck - none of the "old" ones would ever have managed to land with me.
That's exactly why I ordered a bottle from IMITATION: the grotesque rating of 6.7 seemed to me to offer the greatest potential for surprise.
I already have a 'number-sure-compliment-hasher-smell' for people who don't want to step on anyone's toes: the LILAC LOVE. It's so mass compatible, I'm always a little ashamed to wear it.
IMITATION is certainly not mass compatible! Imitation has nothing to do with 'fake' - I haven't smelled anything like it yet. He also doesn't shock like "Myths" or the torched Indian beach hut and he isn't as brittle as "Bracken", yet he polarizes more than he should please.
Already with "Blossom Love" Amouage has shown that they are not afraid of cheap chewing gum notes. What is cheesy there is a sour-fruity chewy candy note at IMITATION. A very ambivalent note: on the one hand a natural black currant is still half green (berry, NO blossom!), on the other hand it has a touch of toilet stone: artificial, squeaky, inedible. The liquorice has partially fallen out of the Katjestüte.
The fragrance begins with the volume of a starting airplane: the 3 K chewy candy, toilet stone and Katjes, the heart notes dominate, none of the indicated top notes is perceptible. Maybe it contains rose, ylang, jasmine and orange blossoms - you don't know. Aldehydes give the whole thing a proletarian twist.
We have had a widespread party custom since our youth: you put several bags of sour apple rings in vodka, that's eaten. And if this is not eaten up, after 24 hours a uniform, poison-green, sweet-sour jelly has formed. There are people who are really wild about it and actually I was always convinced: if you like something like that, you're not completely dense.
Now the heart note in the Sillage is an exact copy of this jelly, which I find really horny and now the question: WHAT am I when I want to smell like that??
I don't find the given base notes either, the jelly note becomes more dark-fruity, adult and in a more noble way (=unproletenhaft) sweet, the toilet disappears and fruit flies can no longer be caught and killed with the scent.
The vanished head notes can now be guessed and save their reputation with tough longevity.
Whew. Let's start all over again I'll find the IRRE TOLL! But I am also one of those people who have no problem busting other people's balls. This may be falsifying my judgment here. Imitation is sheer odor nuisance and the opposite of sexy. (I thought so, but EVERY man questioned in the area hates the stuff)
Nevertheless, I think it would be great to take this smell of winter in a fully occupied bus with the windows closed. This will be a fitting revenge for all the stinking I've suffered. (the midsummer version already exists with Coeur de Desert).
Or wear it to the office for a week...
Or to force my husband to go through a romantic evening with me and this fragrance!
I'm sure I'll remember even more nasty things, I like IMITATION very much and his penetrance suits me. Imitation is young, cheeky, bitchy and impertinent. To wear it you need strong nerves, courage and a very elegant appearance (that covers the riotous effect).
And it's only for women. Absolute men's exclusion zone! Or to use the subtle words of my husband: "Don't spray the devil's stuff on me! I'm sure my balls will fall off!"
There's nothing like a romantic ending!

PS: When I have the bottle, I put it on one of my favourite books ("The Laws of Imitation" by Gabriel Tarde) and take a nice photo of them
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9.0 9.0 9.0 9.0/10

41 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
42nd with Times Square please
Fate Woman was the last Amouage that I loved. But while Fate was mostly an homage to vintage Bandit, Shalimar and Opium on my skin, Imitation Woman is completely new. I’ve been scratching my head to try and figure if it reminds me of anything, and it doesn’t. There’s a general vibe, a nod to genres and a way of saying ‘this is how they used to make em’, but Imitation is a beauty on its own, at least for me, although I’m sure this won’t be one of the popular ones. It’s too weird, too ‘in your face’. Maybe that’s why I absolutely love it!

The inspiration behind is 70’s New York, but for me is mostly late 70’s to early/mid 80’s.
Early 70’s were still pretty much green, chypre fragrances, and hazy dreamy florals. Think Halston, Scherrer, Chloé, Anaïs Anaïs, Private Collection; fragrances were tough just like the women and the conditions in New York, but there was space and time for a more dreamy world, seen through a haze of erotic florals.
Imitation lands somewhere between 1977 and 42nd street; seedy, gritty, colorful and bright just like a neon sign on Times Square.
The opening aldehydes (not as big as I wished for, but there for most of the duration) give room to the blackcurrant, the juiciest, highest pitched, most authentic blackcurrant that I have smelled. It’s uber sweet and gives fruitiness a whole new meaning. It’s fruity in the same way vintage Poison or Black Orchid are fruity; not the same by a long shot, but the same carnality and sensuality, hidden behind a playful façade. The licorice, which usually is my nemesis comes soon after, but it is done in such a beautiful and mature way, I keep wanting more of it. There’s a ‘secret elixir’ feel to it, just like a shot from an unnamed bottle served to you at Studio 54 while you’re chatting with Grace (Jones of course)! She would have rocked it back then.
The heart brings a honeyed orange blossom and skanky jasmine together, creating a more extravagant 80’s floral heart, with patchouli (earthy and heady), incense (dry and smoky), and sandalwood instead of long gone animalic notes. The beauty and the beast. ‘Pretty’ florals along ‘dirty’ base notes with rough edges to remind us that Bright Lights Big City is also dangerous.

Imitation feels like a girl that lives somewhere uptown. There’s a different feel than living downtown, and a bigger sense of security. But she loves to party, and she knows that the real living is somewhere along midtown, Coney Island or the Bronx. She doesn’t mind getting dirty, but she always has perfectly manicured red almond nails and a healthy supply of hairspray. And when she leaves the comfort of her suburban enclosure, she lights up a cigarette, gets of at Times Square, and follows the flow. It might not be Studio 54 every Saturday, but she always finds the right place. Imitation smells bright, ‘happy’. There’s a certain innocence underneath, a sensation that youth is eternal and the world is one big bite, that Saturday nights last forever and the sun will always shine brighter this side of the Brooklyn bridge.

Slightly ambiguous, Imitation manages to blend the beauty with the grittiness. It is both clean and dirty, and it’s New York before the Giuliani cleanup that eliminated, along with murder and crime, the rogue diversity that made Manhattan.

There’s a scene in The Deuce’s second season opening (HBO, highly recommended) where we see Candy walking along pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and hustlers. She’s wearing a fur coat and a white silk ensemble that looks like Halston. While she smiles to some familiar faces on her way to a new disco, there’s a melancholy reminding her that some years before she was on those streets asking 30 plus 10 for her services, and a strength that shows her that she’s past those years, somewhere better, but not quite there yet; there are still obstacles in her way.
It’s Christmas 1977, the snow is falling, and Candy smells of Imitation. She might not have the uptown living just yet, but she embodies the scent perfectly!
My favorite release of 2018.
6.0 9.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    37
A hat game
I think everyone knows these little hat players who skilfully move small, hollow cones in public places, while the audience has to guess which cone the ball is under. The skilful cap-players are initially mostly using their tricks and let the crowd believe that guessing is quite easy, because the ball is often under the cap under which it was suspected. That's how you're tempted to play. But beware - as soon as you do that, the cap player uses his tricks and the ball is suddenly never there again, where you expected him to be almost certain.

Imitation Woman is a brilliant hat player who pulls out all the stops.

It starts with the fact that under the top note cone there are not the expected flowers listed in the pyramid, but an imposing blackcurrant bush and something musty that reminds me of the somewhat pungent smell of some composite flowers when one approaches them with one's nose very close. Uff, I thought spontaneously, this won't be another Amouage darling of mine. The currant is present in blossom, leaf and fruit at the same time and indeed the first time I notice that this smell of currant bushes is similar to liquorice. I find this interesting and am nevertheless glad that the liquorice tones remain in the background. Slowly and as if moved by a ghostly hand, the stink slowly moderates and I have a hunch of something floral.

The floral becomes stronger and after about 2 hours I smell a rich, intense scent of blossoms, which strangely enough I cannot assign to any specific flower. But one thing becomes clear: Here we have the heart note cone, under which the cap player skillfully conjured up the sumptuous bouquet of flowers described as the "top note". Now the scent begins to please me better and better. I attribute the fact that I didn't really know how to name the flowers in detail to aldehydes, which gently and radiantly lend class to the fragrance and a touch of the memory of elegant but cheerful women's perfumes of the 70s of the last century. Nevertheless, imitation does not look like a classic or even old-fashioned, because now, little by little, a honey sweetness is added, which was not yet found in fragrances at that time. Also there is still a rest of currant bush after, which gives it a certain astringency. The scents of those days didn't have that either. The aldehyde flower filling horn under the heart note cap gets a hint of cinnamon and I really like it. Already the cap player has completely confused me: Should I learn to love this scent so much that I would like to wear it more often?

Surprise! Surprise! The base note cap does not contain the expected either: instead of frankincense and sandalwood, tonka, some musk and more honey with cinnamon appear in my nose. The musk looks like the musk from the 70s, but not the variant that reminds of hairspray, but rather one with an echo of "Wild Love" by Nerval. It's one of the few musk notes I like all around. The mouldy one has completely disappeared and the currant bush is now barely noticeable, not to mention liquorice.
From time to time brilliant flowers flash out. Only as expected is a fine and discreet note of patchouli noticeable.

Almost 2 hours of stinky undertone next to impressive currant seems to me in view of well over 10 hours of dreamy, brilliant flowers and wonderfully soft honey-Tonka-Moschus-Cinnamon-Patchouli-Basis suddenly somehow meaningless.

All attention, this hat game has it in itself: You don't know anymore where the top note stands and whether the heart note is in the right place. After this skilful twist, to swap the two, one thinks, at least under the third little hat only the expected can be - but think!
Fascinating and dazzling like its bottle, this spell has gripped me now and I play again and again.

I don't thank Frlsmilla for sharing without issuing a warning: Beware, cap games can be addictive!
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Alex1984 14 months ago
1977. New York, Saturday night. Halston dress, low back, ready for the night. Studio54. Amouage is back! My favorite of 2018, provocative!+5

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Diesmal ohne Ela, dafür mit Fernauslöser ;-) Bitte nicht enttäuscht sein, wenn ihr den Flakon mal in die Hand bekommt, Licht und Bearbeitung kommen hier ehrlicherweise zu seinen Gunsten zusammen... ;-) Genießt den Tag! ☀️
by BBMie
Für Ela. Die diesen Duft allen Bewertungen zum Trotz liebt und mein Leben bunt macht (und außerdem die beste Seifenblasenpusterin der Welt ist)
by BBMie
Life imitates Art. Manchmal muss es eben mehr sein.
by Amourage
Life imitates Art.
by Amourage

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