Interlude Man by Amouage

Interlude Man 2012

12.11.2015 - 08:23 PM
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The Best from Amouage

It has finally come to my hands this Amouage fragrance that had never been able to tried and had quite parked for comments he had read about his character smoked, etc .. that is not going with my taste.

It was a big mistake not have smelled before this magnificent perfume. I thought it was a simply stunning fragrance. Very resinous, with notes of incense, woody, spicy and ambered. Too oriental.

I will not make scrutinizing the notes because the amount of notes coming out is really important and everyone can see its components apart from reading some previous reviews that commented very well. Also you can clearly smell a note of Oud. It is a very complex fragrance.

The point is that despite not liking anything smoked perfumes, this can not find anything over and found, to my taste, the perfect balance between the smoky-spicy and sweet perfect touch for portable fragrance.
Caution, is not nothing sweet perfume, just has a masterful touch at the base, just to sweeten it.
Again, close to perfection.

The quality feel, is spectacular and not feel so linear that at times gives you a dry and spicy smell sweeter and ambered sometimes more and sometimes smell the wood and resins. Obviously, this is a matter to appreciate nuances, the fragrance has a clear core and a very definite style, from start to finish.

Comment on the bottle I have is the "modern" or "reformulated" with magnetic closure, commenting that has been lightened version.

The sillage is very noticeable and impeccable longevity with 2-3 sprays, exceeding 12 hours with ease. In a drying, I'm smelling sharply after 24 hours.

The best I've had in quite some time, which I liked most so far this brand and perhaps the best smoked perfume character I've tried so far.

Magnificent and memorable !!!
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