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Portrayal Man by Amouage
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Portrayal Man is a new perfume by Amouage for men and was released in 2019. The scent is woody-green. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Oman Perfumery.

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Pierre Negrin

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesViolet leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesVetiver
Base Notes Base NotesPrickly cedar



7.7 (67 Ratings)


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7.7 (63 Ratings)


9.0 (75 Ratings)
Submitted by Amourage, last update on 29.12.2019.
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Helpful Review    4
The boring one among the Amouages
Whoo! Noses that have to stick their noses everywhere! :D Welcome to a new scent commentary, and I hope, you want to read at all, with the weather out there, which rather invites to cuddle up and with tea or coffee in a cosy corner and... oh waits... but I don't describe as so often a women's scent, but this time again a men's scent! And we guys are tough as you know (does that sound ambiguous? :D). What does the thermometer say? 2 degrees? Pffft... so let's go, put on a T-shirt, open a window, get some ice-cold beer and sit down in front of this commentary. If you should be bibbern nevertheless, you may take every now and then a warming sip of mulled wine, finally we are at present in these contemplative times :DD

Hey hey, so I'm coming to the latest fragrance (2019) from Amouage, the men's portraital. Amouage is such a brand that often produces quite good fragrances, but also seems to reach deep into the clogged toilet, although fortunately this is less common. But since fragrances are always a matter of taste, it can be natural that everyone likes each fragrance differently. But often you have to add one to every fragrance: That they all seem to be of high quality, regardless of the scent, because I haven't yet gotten a synthetic or simple scent under my nose, for example.

The other day I tried this portrait for gentlemen. And although the quality of the fragrance is as good as ever, since the (very few) fragrances are authentic and therefore not synthetic at all, this fragrance is in my opinion more banal for an Amouage fragrance than it has been for a long time... that it almost hurts that it says Amouage on the bottle!

The fragrance:
I smell junipers and other woody notes at the beginning, which later turn out to be cedar wood or at least smell like cedar. Quite quickly I smell some patchouli at first, which gives off an earthy scent and soon changes into an earthy grassy one, which makes it clear to me that the patchouli I perceive is actually the vetiver. This vetiver becomes more and more intense in the course of the fragrance and for me the main fragrance of this fragrance.
Strange that so many people mention that they would smell intense violets. I don't really smell violets, especially at the beginning it only smells weakly (but everyone perceives a scent differently!). In the base there are indeed violets, which smell sweetish, but not powdery as usual, but are still generally quite weak for me, so that until the end I even notice the vetiver a little stronger, now mixed with the mentioned woody scents. And somehow it was for me, too, because you don't smell any more...

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is indeed Amoua-like high, but among the Amoua scents themselves it is rather mediocre, so there are stronger ones. But that doesn't matter, because you will be noticed quite well with this fragrance for a while. The shelf life is also very good with over ten hours.

The bottle:
As always, there is nothing wrong with the bottle, as it is of high quality and as beautiful as ever. This time the flacon is actually clear, but is covered with a golden-blue shimmering layer, which shines stronger or weaker depending on the incidence of light and shines partly in rainbow colors, so it resembles the flacon of Fate Man a little bit. On the front you see the familiar Amouage logo, the name of the fragrance is written on the neck. The lid is solid and arched and has a light blue Swarovski stone on the front. A nice bottle, but I like the less shiny bottles better.

Sooo... yeah, honestly, I really didn't like the smell. In fact, I found him really boring. With this fragrance it almost seems to me as if Amouage had thought that it doesn't matter what kind of fragrance you compose, because people would buy everything from Amouage anyway, so you could try less:

"Come on, let's create a scent in 5 minutes that smells like patchouli and vetiver and a little violet!"
"But... isn't that a little too little and too easy?"
"Oh no, firstly we have our good name, secondly we fill the broth into a high-quality bottle, as always, and thirdly the entire presentation is elaborate. And if the price is high enough, then the customers will assume that the fragrance is very high quality, which we would have put a lot of effort into!
"Right, this could actually work. All right, let's do it! Mu ha ha ha, aren't we smart?"

...and they really did it. Therefore Portrayal Man is now also available in the shops :D
My personal and honest opinion: I have never had anything so boring from Amouage under my nose. Some bad scents maybe because they didn't suit my taste, but I didn't know such a boring, uncreative, quickly made scent from Amouage yet. I hope there will be something more beautiful in 2020, but we will all experience that. And before you all rashly grumble as always: All this is only my personal opinion. If this is the best scent in the world for you, then something is wrong with you... argh, of course I meant good for you then, then you can look forward to the scent :D

But I can't recommend this fragrance, so you'd better save your arms for other fragrances. And if you are Amouage fans, then as I said, don't cry because I complained :D
Amouage has finally still enough men scents, which are also really successful :)

Well, then, that's it again from me and I wish you all a nice evening. See you next time :)
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10.0 8.0 9.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
Recently in the teachers' room - Here it smells like FA!
Well, what a journey I've had with that scent. It all started with Fahrenheit from Dior, whom I love very much. Then I heard that Amouage with Portrayal Man had brought out a scent that came very close to Fahrenheit. Of course you can ask now why you should buy a fragrance that is very similar to one in the collection? And exactly that was my first impression and I should realize that I was wrong!

As it is, I first got a sample from the souk and was confirmed after a first test in my preliminary assumption: this is a Fahrenheit twin! A bit more reduced than the original, but still very similar. So at first I didn't pay much attention to him anymore and stowed him in the drawer.

Last week I brought it out again and tested it again, not knowing that this time everything would be different and that I would be 200 Euro poorer in the evening! So I sprayed, got into the car, drove to work and noticed on the way there that it somehow smells different than Fahrenheit, somehow not so dirty, but slightly soapy and fresh. I liked this insight, because light soapy scents are exactly my thing (tips for such scents in the comments ;) ). Well, it should come even better and my impression should be confirmed.

Arriving at school I had to finish the first two hours before I could get my first coffee in the teachers room. I sat quite far back in the aforementioned Aufentaltsraum and expected the colleagues to appear. As it slowly began to fill up, a colleague came in and said to the others all the time: "People, it smells like FA men's shower gel here! I was delighted, firstly because he confirmed my impression and secondly because he told me that the Amouage had to have quite a bit of power when it was still so strongly perceived - 4 hours after the application - that it dieselled entire rooms. No Fahrenheit can do that.

But there should be another one on it!

After school - now I was wearing it for about 7 hours - a colleague in the parking lot spoke to me and asked me what kind of perfume I would be wearing, because it smells very good and you could smell it every time I passed it. WOW, I didn't think he had such a shelf life and Sillage! Great, I thought, Fahrenheit proximity and then even better in terms of durability and Sillage.

On the way back, I knew I had to have it, it fulfilled everything I expected from a fragrance: a slightly fresh, soapy, herbaceous, male aura and a good performance! Arrived at home, I have bought him then immediately and am super satisfied with him.

But again summarizing to the fragrance:

Portrayal Man is that cannot be denied, a fragrance twin of Fahrenheit Dior. However, a more minimalist variant of the dior. Violet, vetiver and cedar ensure that it initially runs very linearly and spreads the typical Fahrenheit vipe. It is slightly freshly soapy and not quite so dark - would also be something for spring. Later, however, a beautiful, soft drydown follows, which is typical of Amouage. Durability and Sillage surpass the Dior by far. The Dior lasts about 7-8 hours with me, whereas the Amouage lasts 12 hours with double projection.

Buy recommendation?
YES, if you fulfill the following: You love Fahrenheit from Dior, want to get to know him in a fresher and rounder way and have no problem paying the high prices.

(The bottle is by the way a real eye candy!)

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9.0 8.0 8.0 7.0/10

3 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    13
An interesting representation of methyl octincarbonate
First of all I would like to mention that I am not a chemist and do not break down perfumes according to their formula. On the contrary, for me this subject has always been a book with seven million seals.
I also had to look up the exact chemical name for the synthetic violet leaf substitute we all know from Diors Fahrenheit since the end of the 80s.

Anyway, this ingredient is omnipresent in Portrayal Man. And there the bridge to Fahrenheit is quickly built, even if the vetiver in front gives the whole a slightly green coat and the so-called cedar juniper exudes some lightness. That's why I don't like to speak of a twin fragrance.

Nevertheless, you get the strange feeling when wearing it that others might think you are wearing a strange copy of the original or that you weren't consistent enough with the layering.

In other words, if Fahrenheit had never entered the market, it would have been a welcome revolution. So it is unfortunately only the representation of an alternative Fahrenheit variant, which will surely come across open noses for fans of the Dior classic.

I myself have been through with the topic since the 90s and can hardly take any pleasure in it, although one must at least certify that Amouage brought a noble polish into it, which does justice to the brand, but does not receive any points in creativity and progressiveness.
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8.0 8.0 9.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    29
Roaring Twenties? Not a trace.
Who appreciates the on the one hand herb-floral, on the other hand green-grassy violet leaf, will be best served with 'Portrayal Man'. It is absolutely in the center of the fragrance. Vetiver reinforces the fresh and green aspects, while juniper contributes dry spice and woody, as well as leathery nuances determine the base of 'Portrayal Man'.

The fragrance is reminiscent of violet leaf-centered scents such as Geoffrey Beene's 'Grey Flannel' (minus the radiant freshness), Dior's 'Fahrenheit' (minus the petroleum note) and Guerlain's unfortunately discontinued 'Arsène Lupin' (minus the guerlinade), but without achieving their strength of character and sophistication.
Portrayal Man' is a rather linear fragrance that doesn't develop much during the course of the process
Christopher Chong reports that the fragrance can be read as an olfactory portrait of the 1920s, inspired by a time of dramatic social change and people who rebelled against the cultural restrictions of their time. The fragrance is a study about the birth of a new age and the freedoms that came with it.
Well, I'd say: typical marketing swirl that doesn't find any equivalent in the fragrance at all.
Because 'Portrayal Man' really doesn't convey something rebellious, revolutionary, but rather something static, stiff - no 'roaring twenties', rather English Tea-Time-Biedermeier.

Mr. Chong's words also suggest fragrances like Piguets 'Bandit', Molinard's 'Habanita', or Chanel's 'Bois des Îles' or 'Cuir de Russie' - fragrances that reflect hedonism and rebellion against a traditional gender image rather than this new fragrance from Amouage. Even though there is no denying a certain dandyiness: the scent of the violet or violet leaf is also well suited to it: floral-elegant, fresh and green, not at all sweet or even indolent. Oscar Wilde or Marcel Proust might have been the appropriate carriers for a violet soliflor, but they were typical turn-of-the-century plants and not representatives of the twenties.

But sei´s drum.

Despite the cross linking, 'Portrayal Man' is not bad at all. But hardly any more. It is neither modern nor innovative, and on top of that it has hardly any refinement. He doesn't surprise with daring contrasts and manages completely without inner tension - in short, somehow a bore, but not a bad smelling one. It's something...
Only I could have imagined such a fragrance in the catalogue of Penhaligon´s rather than in that of Amouage. I still think of the old Amouage fragrances of oriental opulence: 'Gold', 'Dia' and 'Jubilation'. But already the last creations of the house, 'Imitation', 'Figment' or 'Bracken' had no connection at all with the original scent DNA.
No matter, the house Amouage is just broader, wants to be carried worldwide equally and is just as worldwide a synonym for fragrant luxury. And luxury doesn't always have to be glamorous or even shrill. No, it's also more restrained, with British understatement, so to speak, with 'Portrayal Man' for example.

Durability and radiation (I avoid the word 'Sillage' at all costs, because it always reminds me of silage: stinking silage in agriculture) are typical of Amouage and absolutely flawless.

Conclusion: 'Portrayal Man' should have been a bit more exciting, more courageous, more glamorous, corresponding to the 'dance on the volcano' of the twenties. Here, however, stiff, somewhat old-fashioned elegance prevails.

Quite nice, but not anymore.
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