Material by Amouage

Material 2021

12.05.2022 - 04:59 PM

Carnal vanilla for the amber lovers.

Amouage Material this time comes in front of the public with a more friendly and modern approach to oriental perfumes. An vanilla absolute tuned to an opulent and slightly pungent amber. Amouage Material is a pure bred oriental. I understand that it does not come with something very new on the market, resembling Grand Soir MFK. I will not comment on the comparison of the two because I do not know the other, but instead I can bring some appreciations on the quality of the ingredients in this creation. The light bulb that caught my eye was the vanilla absolute, being a lover of this note. After the first spray, I want to say that I had a beautuful surprise.
The opening is amber, sweet, given by a carnal vanilla, less absolute instead fully enriched with resins that give it a some sorde life. Elemi and patchouli make the team by giving this composition a smell of dried tobacco leaves, pungent when you smell them, the perfume not being in the category of those with tobacco of course.

As time goes on, the perfume enters a new stage but does not develop much. It becomes a little smoky as sweet and towards the end a little flat. I think a little orange or ginger would have made this fragrance a little more bright instead I think Amouage wanted to stay purely oriental, oily close to the quality of an attar which is not bad at all. The performances are typical of the house, beast, both the longevity and the projection. It is a winter fragrance, definitely cold weather. Unisex? Hmmm. He's more inclined to the feminine side, though that pungent note in the opening gives it a masculine connotation.

Amouage reconciles here both the vanilla lovers and the amber fans' group, bringing them all under the same roof.

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