Overture Man by Amouage

Overture Man 2019

18.02.2022 - 12:35 PM

Crowning of the house

this is a high quality multi facet which rugged strong notes are in struggle with kinda sweet smooth notes.
spices from the top very soon mingle with boozy feel which completely reminecent of oriental spice bazars after an hour resins with balsamic vibes make it more misterious and deep , but
wait the apex of the show is just arrived dark smoky leather with animalic notes steer it to a more deep dark opulent phase .
spices like cumin is completely noticeable and cognac on top and sweet bslsamic resines of labdanum benzoin myrrh of heart struggle with boistrous leather ,animalic notes and incense of base which bold rugged notes prevail the smooth sweet spicy feel but should add these two phase complete each other to create one of the best mans craftsmanship.
at the and a sandalwood exstinguish the whole fire although all the notes above is still distinguishable.
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Shahram1361Shahram1361 8 days ago
what a nice classy masculine fragrance. after one year of purchasing I applied it today . from the first whiff it made me love I spected patchouli from reviews but in more aromatic and fresh way but as I spray it oozes a warm patchouli...
Shahram1361Shahram1361 8 months ago
This is a real stunner. I really appriciate its quality and uniqueness. Its a deep sensual patchouly scent with glimpse of sweetness through its veins . Cacao on patchouly and woody notes in base its kinda classic but extremely modern. Its a masterpiece...