Reflection 45 by Amouage

Reflection 45 2021

24.10.2021 - 11:16 PM

Different from the OG, Not Better

Not merely stronger than Reflection Man. This is richer, woodier, more aromatic. It's a solid scent that maintains the fundamental scent profile, but like BR540 Extrait compared to BR540 EDP this kinda misses the mark for me. I love Reflection Man for how bright, fresh, and airy it is but 45 rather "fills in the holes" of the white florals with a bunch of sweet aromatics and woods that take away from the uniqueness of the Reflection DNA by making it more dense, more sweet, more generic.

Strong initial projection settles down over 2-3hr, longevity 12hr+. The projection isn't much better than Reflection Man, but it sticks around as a skin scent significantly longer. Worth $500? Not to me. This isn't simply Reflection Man given a performance boost. This is different, and it's different in a way I prefer the original, plus the performance isn't that much better.

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