Lunar Vetiver by Amouroud

Lunar Vetiver 2018

15.07.2018 - 01:56 AM

Lunar Vetiver

Hands down the most beautiful Vetiver fragrance I've ever smelled in my life. This composition is absolutely flawless imo. It lasts forever & projection (on skin & clothes) is an easy 4 - 6 feet for the first 8 plus hours before it starts to sit closer to the skin... So rare for me to fall this fast, or this hard, for a fragrance.
As with any frag we love, what makes this one so different is subjective at best but for me, I think it's the quality of the ingredients, that perfect mixture of each of the listed notes (see note breakdown below) & the feeling you get while wearing it. For me, I feel so tranquil & at peace when wearing this gem. The perfumer Jerome Di Marino couldn't have done a better job capturing what he defined as, "The olfactive dream." Here's what the house had to say, "This scent has been inspired by the seduction of nightfall. Perfumer Jerome Di Marino wanted to capture the ethereal glow that comes just as the sun and the moon share the sky in what he calls an 'olfactive dream'. Using a unique couture species of patchouli harvested on the Indonesian island of Java as his foundation, Jerome began to compose iridescent notes of bergamot, pimento, and pink peppercorn to create the warm, bright glow he imagines radiating in the setting sun."
Another thing that stood out for me is how long this fragrance lasted on skin. Absolutely unheard of but the way it should be when you're spending $200+ for a fragrance. I've got 6 Vetiver based frags in my collection. From TF Grey Vetiver to Chanel's Sycamore, Diptyque's vetyverio & a few others but omg this Lunar Vetiver is in a league of it's own. I have never had a fragrance last through two showers, a night's rest & throughout the next day!! AND I CAN STILL SMELL IT! When I first sprayed it, it was a bit sharp/harsh at first. It left me a bit confused but i could sense something special was happening. It starts to tone down almost immediately & before you know it, PURE MAGIC! Definitely that "OMG" moment i think we all look for. I just can't get this frag off my mind. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! If you guys are into Vetiver, GET YOUR NOSE ON THIS ONE!!!

Top notes: Pink pepper, Pimento, Bergamot

Heart notes: Vanilla, Sage, Cactus Flower

Base notes: Java vetiver, Tonka bean, Tobacco blossom

This will forever be a staple in my collection. Pure tranquility.... NOTHING else like it!!
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