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Grimoire is a popular perfume by Anatole Lebreton for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Bergamot, Basil, Lavender, Elemi resin, Frankincense, Seville lavender, Atlas cedar, Cumin, Patchouli, Moss, Musk



8.6 (23 Ratings)


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7.7 (19 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 31.10.2019
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8.0 8.0 9.0 9.0/10

3 Reviews
Grimoire - the mysterious old book ...
It is not just a scent.
Grimoire tells you stories ...

Very spiritual incense and yet human (beware: almost body/animal odors).

You leaf through an old spell book with fever, in a Benedictine monastery, near the garden.

You ARE a cathedral.

It is a very clever, rich and uncommon perfume - like all Anatole Lebreton's.
Some notes of Grimoire reminds me of my so beloved Ebène (Balmain).
Also a little like Irié "Nota Bene", but more interesting.
(very good performance on me)
5.0 7.0 10.0 10.0/10

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The tree I always wanted
I’ve read reviews all over the net, and I can’t really relate to any of them. To me this smells just like a tree. That’s it. A gigantic, thick-trunked, sprawling, thriving, ancient tree. Not the whole forest and certainly not a castle. Not a library, not like paper. It’s like the most perfect log scent, the one I’ve been searching for for years. I had to purchase immediately upon first sniff of my sample.

Now that I can spritz from a full bottle and really analyze it, I do notice it smells animalic as soon as it hits my skin, a lot like synthetic civet. It’s there yet at the same time it’s subtle. I notice a strong scent of toasted cumin. I cook Indian sometimes, and this smells like the cumin seeds hit the hot pan and begins to brown, not when I sniff them fresh in the jar. The nuances of the cum add to the bark or log scent that I’m so crazy about. It actually reminds me very much of LADDM, but it lacks the citrus and is a bit sweeter and stickier, like benzoin. The base is fairly creamy, again like benzoin or possibly a touch of vanilla, but somehow it does not detract from the overall tree scent.

Regardless of the nuances, it all adds up to a really fragrant tree trunk or cut log. I need a backup bottle!
6.0 8.0 7.0 8.0/10

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In the shade of the forest in the beech branch, there it moves and rustles and whispers immediately...
Currently I am testing myself through the series of AL and I have to say if they are one, then they are different. The question is always, how do we actually want to smell? Do we want the fragrance to merge with our own in a harmonious way? Shall we surprise them? Do you want to take a chance? Are we looking for THE signature scent or are we looking for something that we have not yet published? How does a feminine scent smell like a masculine scent and who actually determines it? Do we want to smell good for ourselves or should our partner love this fragrance? I'm currently learning that I want to become more independent of my partner's preferences for a perfume I'm wearing (how are you doing?). Of course I don't want to stink in his perception, but he can also learn to endure, that I try myself in this and that direction and understand myself as a person, for whom it must vote for oneself concerning scents. This may sound strange and obvious, but for me it wasn't always (how is it for you?) This is the third in a row I'm testing, but the first I'm going to comment on.

But now to Grimoire:

The fragrance initially appears dark essence black, but not as black as l'eau scandaleuse (one could speak of fifty shades of black). At first quite obscure darkness, as if the eyes (or noses) have to get used to it. After a certain time the different shades emerge, want to be conquered and then be seen more and more. The name fits wonderfully, the composition is balanced and radiates a clarity that fascinates me. The picture of a fairytale forest still lying in the dark is apt, the magic plants meander around one, the scents mentioned are well smellable. In the dark small lights appear more strongly, in the head/heart note this smell is best. Green and above all already fast wonderfully mossy (tip on oakmoss), woody in the heart, as soon as the sun slowly irradiates the forest and paints the first shadows. At daybreak the fascinating slowly disappears, the goblin-like, the scent becomes calm, a leather base melting with the skin remains, the world becomes again more human, more normal, more pleasing, as if nothing had happened and yet you know, the last night was magical.

A piece by Schumann comes to my mind, some of the verses fit very well to the effect or the scent:

In the shade of the forest, in the beech branch,
it stirs and rustles and whispers at the same time.
The flames flicker, the glow
around colourful figures, around leaves and rocks.
Then they are tired of the nightly rows.
The beeches rush into slumber them.
And the banished from the happy homeland,
they see in their dreams the happy land.

But as the morning awakens in the east,
go out the beautiful formations of the night,
it scares the mule at the beginning of the day,
pull away the shapes, who tells you where?

From gypsy life, op. 29/ 3

At first, the scent seems rather masculine to me, so I asked my husband to let me gently pollinate him with it. I was all over the place and would have loved to have my nose pinned on. It smelled so different, dark, as I imagine the scent of ebony, as if an oud base could already be smelled. Unfortunately, he didn't share my enthusiasm, "too much incense." Too bad. I followed the process on my skin and was surprised, quite wearable for women, because gradually a certain warmth and softness can be sniffed out (I am just noticing how much stereotypes emerge there). If the scent had remained so raven-black, I could not have imagined it in me, because I do not see myself so gloomy.

Back to my questions at the beginning: In psychology we assume that every personality consists of many different parts, which can be contradictory to each other or, in my opinion, complementary to each other. It is the same for me with the "usability" of this fragrance. When I smell a fragrance, I am curious to see which part (or question) it will fit, depending on the head/heart/basic stage and more masculine or more feminine effect. As a woman I can say for myself:
Top note: a very surprising effect, rather bitter, dark, mossy. Daring because of stronger and black Sillage. For a performance for which you want to be strong internally and need a clear head, but also a good portion of self-confidence is a prerequisite.
Heart note: signature scent potential, balanced, woody, more human. Harmony with myself.
Base note: Portable, no longer surprising, pleasing (a bit too much).
My husband liked heart/base note about me, but I guess he wouldn't call a hooray if I used it more often.

I think it's going to be a scent I'm going to keep stroking around, smelling it from time to time, seeing what happens. Already a very good overall impression, I was surprised to see that only one user possesses this fragrance (on what is the rating "Grimoire is a popular fragrance" based?!) I would like to encourage you to try it out and let it have an effect on you. Maybe I'll get him, too, but it'll take time.
Away pull the shapes who tells me where?
7 Replies
8.0 10.0 10.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review   
Magician short commentary
G = Odour explosion
r = rolly magic forest
i = intimate - more than that
m = magical-mystical herb bed
o = oppulent, poisonous Trunk
i = ideal companion in the sump
r = resch (Bavarian for crispy)
e = lonely Edelhu..e
Grimoir is green-dark, patchouli-grounded wet and filled with herbs, so that you will be healthy from reading alone. Shining magic potion with lots of smoke "flowing" from the jug (flacon)
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Vmaster 9 months ago
An easy to wear cumin based fragrance whose rough edges are smoothed by the elemi resin. Not a scent for lovers of sweet or fresh perfumes.+1

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