Essential for Men by Angel Schlesser

Essential for Men 2006

28.07.2020 - 04:25 AM

No Coffee but Wearable!

I like this fragrance, but I can't really smell the coffee. This opens extremely harsh, and takes about a minute for the alcohol to dry, and when it does, the notes really pop. The dry-down is spicy and the apple remains all the way through. I was hoping for more dark roasted coffee beans, but it's more like instant Nescafe latte that shows up in the dry-down along with the citrus. This is why I'm only giving this fragrance a 7 / 10. It's a very wearable scent. It's not main-stream and that's why I think I'm enjoying it. Not the same old DNA. You cannot over spray this one guys! I would suggest, given the price at on-line wholesalers, that this is a good buy to add to any fragrance collection.

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