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Hepster is a popular perfume by Annette Neuffer for men and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-resinous. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Annette Neuffer

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Lime, Green bitter orange, Juniper berry, Rosemary, Mint, Black pepper, Nutmeg
Heart Notes Heart NotesSilver fir, Geranium, Lavender, Iris, Tunisian orange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesFrankincense, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Labdanum, Mastic resin, Oakmoss, Hyraceum



8.4 (63 Ratings)


8.4 (57 Ratings)


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8.1 (45 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    11
Nostalgia meets modernity
Since I know that Mrs Neuffer reads the reviews here, the question arises how she would react in the event of negative criticism. But I don't have to spin this hypothetical thought any further, because there is nothing to complain about Hepster - at least not from my side.

I also count myself as jazz... well, I wouldn't say fan now, but at least I'm positively open-minded about jazz, which you always say is not dead but smells a bit strict. In general, as perhaps the attentive perfume reader knows, I am interested in many musical genres across the garden. Especially with Jazz-CDs I bought a lot of material just blind, if it is instrumental and never was disappointed so far. Therefore, my theory is similar to that of classical music: whoever seriously deals with this form of music tries not to fall below a correspondingly high level.

And so I think that Mrs Neuffer also has enormous demands in the olfactory sense, which have to be met.

The first impression I get after spraying is entering an old workshop where fine wood and varnish dust from old to antique furniture (or even instruments) is still in the air, saturated with a mist of cola and orange
I had the strong suspicion that Hepster contained a trace of cinnamon as well as clove, but that was not the case. But orange blossom, bitter orange and a lot of lavender (why only few people noticed it here) plus cedar wood and some patchouli are clearly recognizable and indicated. All other ingredients I can locate rather difficult to not at all.

Certainly Hepster is very spicy, flowery, woody and quite resinous and internalizes an interesting contrast of nostalgic (spicy-woody) as well as contemporary or even modern (orange-floral-resinous) notes.

I wouldn't blow the same horn as some of my predecessors, but I have too much (phantom) cloves in my nose, which I don't appreciate as much personally, but still the fragrance has its charm and charm.

Hepster has a long breath and a lot of assertiveness without being considered loud. Bravo and encore!
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Helpful Review    8
Are you hep to the Jive?
In Uptown New York City, on Lenox Avenue between 140th and 141st Street in the Harlem district, the Savoy Ballroom opened in 1926 and within a few years became the magnetic centre of the Hepcats and Hepsters. The audience is equally composed of coloured and light-skinned guests. This was an unheard-of sensation at the time and in a society that practiced apartheid in everyday life almost everywhere in the country despite legislation that officially forbids it.

In the narrow, elongated, mirrored and pink painted ballroom, which will go down in jazz history as "The World´s finest Ballroom" and "Home of Happy Feet", there is a stage on each of the opposite narrow sides. Young Ella Fitzgerald makes her debut here in Chick Webb's band, while the infamous "Battles of the Bands" take place every evening seven days a week. In the middle of the 30's Count Basie and Benny Goodman compete with their bands against Chick Webb, each band plays a set of some songs, then the other side is on. The musicians whip each other up, it's hot because there is no air condition. The festively dressed guests are scratched up every evening, the music creates a highly energetic rhythm, in the surrounding buildings the neighbours listen to the music of the best bands of that time spellbound by the fire ladders on the facades of the surrounding buildings.

On the dance floor, the dancers have long since thrown overboard the rules of the well-ordered Foxtrots and Charlestons, which were customary in upper-class circles at the time, by leaving themselves to the solos, breaks and syncopated rhythms of the music in free dance improvisations, before finally finding themselves back together in pairs in a closed dance posture. Revolutionary something new is bubbling in music, dancing, society.

The sound of Swing is rooted in the swamps of Louisiana, the amusement districts of New Orleans, the whore houses, bars, cashmeres and the street corners of the slums, where African, Creole and European musical influences mix in the steaming heat and street bands emerge, as you can still hear them today in New Orleans. Soon, however, there is political unrest, all the pubs are closed, the musicians, among them Louis Armstrong, move to Chicago in search of a living and from there on to New York City.

Jazz reaches the chic, intellectual and prosperous East Coast. Here the music, inspired by the financial prosperity and the countless performance possibilities of the bands, reaches its actual altitude, which it will hold for several years. Inseparably from her, a dance style develops that embodies the freedom and creative energy of swing. Charles Lindbergh, a foolhardy pilot who was the first to cross the Atlantic on a non-stop flight from New York to Paris, is said to be celebrated on one of those evenings in the Savoy that newspapers headline: Lucky Lindy Hops the Atlantic', and one of the most famous Savoy dancers, "Shorty George" Snowden, answers the question of a reporter, what he is actually dancing, in the absence of an existing name: "I'm doin' the Hop... the Lindy Hop!“. From now on the dance to swing music has its name.

The turmoil of the Second World War is causing many of the big bands to die out, and with the dawning of swing in the USA and Europe it becomes quieter in the ballrooms until an offshoot of swing music, rock ´n Roll and boogie woogie, captures the world as a rebellious youth movement.

At the beginning of the 1980s a small and strange gang of Stockholm swing maniacs of the "Swedish Swing Society", inspired by old film shoots and music, began to research the dance legends of the 30s and 40s and found Frankie Manning in New York City, former frontman of the legendary "Whitey´s Lindy Hoppers", who worked as a postman in the 80s. Without further ado they invite him to Sweden to Herräng, a tiny coastal town 120 kilometres north of Stockholm, where they organise the first mini swing camp with a handful of eccentrics and boogie dancers who now want to learn to dance to their music from the original. The camp celebrated its 35th anniversary last year and is now considered the world's largest swing camp, held annually for five full weeks, and hosts thousands of dancers and bands from all over the world:

<font color="#ffff00">-=https://youtu.be/QNHs=- proudly presents
BOOM. Swing. The coolest thing on earth. Today more than ever.

I haven't been nervous before a fragrance test. Now, with the hepster, it's different. Haha. I kind of feel like I or something of mine is about to come under the microscope. What if I don't like a fragrance that is dedicated to this era, to music, to the attitude towards life that goes with it, something that I have learned to love over many years? What if I can't find any of this in the scent, whose tester I bang out, to finally spray two timid blasts on my forearm and find myself terribly silly how I have to overcome myself to take the first breath through my nose. Do you want me to sit out the head notes and then...??

Come on, eyes closed... and dance like nobody is watching.

The Hepster is incredibly sophisticated and calm. Fresh citric and herby-herb play Call and Answer with a few playful flowers in their lapels. He's getting woodier as it goes. It becomes mossy, herbaceous-grassy and green. Lavender comes through stronger, from now on no more scent for big and small children. He has a casual crease like a distinguished chypre, but is more light-footed. Cool guy. Finally becomes incredibly warm, earthy, resting in itself. Feels like warm skin. Iris, patchouli, hyraceum, where does this skin warmth come from? Spicy, woody, balsamic resinous dryness of an old waxed floorboard floor made of forest wood, which has experienced many long, danced through nights, gets through. Long after midnight, the light is dimmed, the last pairs that have fallen together move as if in slow motion. Slow Drag Night. Wads of smoke in the air, even in the scent. It'll be light soon. He has a memory of the past in him, does that make mastic resin? Something like the quiet scratching of a vinyl recording. That's the way it has to sound.

Thank you, Annette Neuffer, for this wonderful tribute!

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