Honeysuckle Rose (2014)

Honeysuckle Rose by Annette Neuffer
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Honeysuckle Rose is a popular perfume by Annette Neuffer for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still in production.

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Annette Neuffer

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Rosewood
Heart Notes Heart NotesTunisian orange blossom, Jasmine sambac, Moroccan rose, Boronia
Base Notes Base NotesHawaiian sandalwood, Bourbon vetiver, Beeswax absolute, Ambrette seed



7.5 (44 Ratings)


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8.1 (35 Ratings)
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8.0 6.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    28
"Passion, everybody can do it!"...
...the composer Arnold Schönberg wrote to Hermann Scherchen in 1914 because he disliked the rapid tempi that the young conductor struck while rehearsing the Chamber Symphony No. 1 op. 9 - a work that was particularly close to the master's heart. "But intimacy, the chaste, higher kind of feelings, seems to be denied to most people. This is quite understandable, because the feeling underlying it, the intimacy, must be felt and not merely portrayed!"

This quotation occurred to me during my occupation with Honeysuckle Rose. An opening breeze of white-flowered flowers is taken back within seconds, even disappears behind scratchy rosewood for the time being. Take a breath. Hermann Scherchen, purified after the scolding (and Schönberg at the time went ruthlessly and sometimes maliciously into the details), raises the baton again, but he now strikes much more slowly. The fragrance unfolds leisurely. Deeply. Sensed.

The Schönberg quote goes on: "That's why all comedians have passion, and very few have intimacy" And the intimate comedian is joined by the winking name of the perfume: it refers (as already mentioned) to a somewhat offensive jazz classic from the 1920s. In the fragrance notes, however, Honeysuckle is not listed at all.

Still, I think I can smell it in the front part. My brain may be playing a trick on me, I never had the plant in the garden anyway, only know it reconstructed, so to speak, from corresponding perfumes. But it's no use, I smell (*stomp*) such an impression. So, I hopefully cheated my way around the subject of the honeysuckle and, last but not least, I completely sausaged the Schönberg quote. In the meantime, I have learned that the perfumer has actually - in the absence of usable natural honeysuckle extract - reconstructed such with other components.]

Let's talk about the rose now. I perceive Neuffer's noble rose freshness. That's the kind that even rose-scented hesitants might like. With the "Honey" I leave out the "suckle", because a honey hypothesis can be argued, at least a honey-like sweetness, which should feed itself beside the wax from the orange blossom. Very discreet, nothing is really sweet here.

In the course of the morning, layer after layer of honey-like wax gently shifts into the fragrance, gently breaking open florally. Even the otherwise often penetrating jasmine gets along well. For a long time the orange blossom can only be guessed at as an independent actor before it takes on a certain form. Nevertheless, it also remains mild

From midday onwards, the as-if honey aspect is still on the increase. The wax becomes warm-sweetly homey, while the floral representatives retreat. I fail to smell the vetiver explicitly, but it may be responsible for the "bitter edge", which is very good as a counterweight to the waxy-creamy parts. One could also say: This promotes the unisex idea enormously.

Tart rose remains, moreover a diffuse further florality, which I cannot grasp (I do not like to start again from the honeysuckle...), quiet sandalwood sweetness, a spicy-decent wax bed - and beside all mentioned "Stich". Oh, great. In any case, I find the ending darker, more striking and more voluminous than I would have dreamed. Wax, apart sweet-sour from honey and flower, describes the impression better on other days, but this is no less successful.

This base note is the best thing about the fragrance and makes it a test tip for men and women alike. What I said in my commentary on Flor de Café in epic breadth applies to them in particular: Neuffer's base notes do not serve to "fill up" a fragrance or to save it over the course of the day in a purely quantitative way, but are, in turn, always varied.

Nothing on Honeysuckle Rose is loud or passionate. Everything is deep and soulful. And with this the arch to the introductory paragraph is made for the last time.

PS: Did anyone notice that I didn't say anything about Boronia? um..
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9.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    12
a little cheeky-frivolous: "Honeysuckle Rose."
"Every honey bee fills with jealousy
When they see you out with me
Goodness knows
You're my Honeysuckle Rose.
When you're passin' by flowers droop and sigh
And I know the reason why
You're my Honeysuckle Rose." - and so on.

Already in 1928 "Honeysuckle Rose" by Fats Waller (music) and Andy Razat (text) was premiered in the nightclub "Connies Inn".
Only a little later the song started its triumphal march through the music world. Different interpreters, like Louis Armstrong, had or have this song in their repertoire.
It belongs to the most played jam session pieces to date.
"Honeysuckle Rose" is a cheeky-frivolous cabaret song about a love that is sweeter than any "honey flower"; but which is full of ambiguities (e.g. "Don't buy sugar, you just have to touch my cups" - see further lyrics in the internet).

Against this background it is not surprising that Annette Neuffer gave this rich and luxurious fragrance composition, as flowery as sweet, this name.
Because "Honeysuckle Rose" is many things: cheeky, frivolous, seductive - and simply stunning!

I approached this fragrance a little cautiously; my experience with Neufrer creations is not great.
Here I belong rather to the category of the "freshmen", who are intimidated by the multiplicity of smell notes first of all.
If Can777 wouldn't push me again and again more or less easily, I would have pressed myself for a while before testing.
But it was worth it - thank you, dear friend!

The first bars of this fragrance reveal noble rosewood; how rare this so precious fragrance has become in the meantime. You find it more and more rare - too bad, I like it very much.
But also the wood is processed less and less. Just think of the beautiful ladies desks with wonderful inlays.
Here a full-bodied bergamot was recruited to accompany this rosewood (otherwise smelling a bit musty for my nose).
Both form a very pleasant pair, which makes curious on the further smell process - very cleverly thought, Mrs. Neuffer!
North Africa supplies a delicate, extremely loving orange blossom, which generously exudes its heart warming scent.
Also a probably original, not overbred fully blossomed rose enchants quite pleasantly; it supports the previous smell notes remarkably.
One notices it in the truest sense of the word; I wouldn't be surprised if it would be deep dark red and velvety - so completely without bells and whistles and superfluous breeding work.
Its almost creamy scent is present again and again in the course of time; it cannot be forgotten!
The coral rue/boronia with its pink, strongly scented flowers contributes its pleasant and intensely fruity scented oil.
This is how an unfamiliar scent appears to me, but it is not unpleasant and blends harmoniously into the whole.
By the way, this oil should also be used as a fruity flavouring in the food industry.
Well, I think here we are happier with that!
The addition of the sensual seduction of cashmere wood, also known as jasmine ambambac, already now makes a highlight of this fragrance work of art flash!
But it gets even better, although actually a further increase seems to be impossible!
Mrs. Neuffer drives up now nearly all the erotic perfumes, which one can only imagine.
Here the question arises: Is this perhaps a little too much?
But no! Here she has exactly the right hand!
A creamy flowing sandalwood oil and a rich earthy vetiver dose lend "Honeysuckle Rose" a sensuality that is second to none!
Beeswax, how do I love this fragrance!, appears here quite concentrated and gives the fragrant heaviness a very special shine; the unmistakable rich golden shine!
Even if Ambrettesamen pearls are used in India against snake bites: here they complete a fragrance symphony - they let it oscillate between pure sensuality and frivolity.
I think where this pendulum swings is probably due to the day form of each vehicle!

So "Honeysuckle Rose" is really not a scent for beginners, shy people or scarecrows: this full, almost dripping sensual pleasure has to be used with a good mind.
Otherwise a cheeky cabaret song quickly turns into a greasy, perhaps even obscene tearjerker - to return to the beginning of this commentary.
(At some point this circle must close!)

So my initial shyness turned into a hot love story: I gave in very lightheartedly to this curling and advertising!
Unfortunately the durability of my fragrances is not as extreme as the scents they contain. Relatively quickly, the fragrant gold becomes lighter and lighter, until only a delicate hint remains.
Maybe it is again because I am fishblooded and many fragrances are disturbed by lack of body heat in their development or shelf life.
But it doesn't have to be "ever lasting Love"; a hot liaison is also very seductive!
Honeysuckle Rose isn't even suitable for a tender romance. There is too much passion for this in this almost enormous fragrance.

Of course I will enjoy this bottling to the last drop: she has conquered her right to stay!

26.06.2018 - on own account:
I have only just read Stefanu155's reply to the comment below.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a freeloader: my connection to jazz was not based on this answer!
He has grown on my own crap, without knowing of Mrs. Neuffer's preference for this musical style: only by the name of the perfume!
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Helpful Review    4
Fresh, Beautiful Ambivalence
An appealing and stately top note of citrus and wood grounds this fragrance from the start which is a good thing because the fresh and beautiful center of orange blossom, rose and honeysuckle are about to sweep you off your feet. Honeysuckle's not listed so maybe it's Boronia doing the bright part. Ambrette and Vetiver star in the nonstandard base that supports and deepens without weighing the scent down. Drawn to my perfumes as always, I picked this up to review it, sprayed it on, then realized I hadn't eaten anything yet. Starting to get up, I sniffed again and decided to review, but then logic told me an empty stomach ought to be first. Well, usually. Perhaps the day will come when I am logical about perfume but it hasn't arrived yet. Ambivalence overcome, I will tell you now about this exhilarating fragrance meant for a summer morning, for a new love to tease him with its subtly carnal headiness, for yourself when hope is gone. Just put on Neuffer's Honeysuckle Rose. Warm and joyful, it's like a sunrise in your nose that just might make you fall in love with life again. Okay, now food.
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10.0 7.0 6.0 9.5/10

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Helpful Review    3
",,,you're perfection - goodness knows. You're my honeysuckle rose"...the lyrics of this wonderful old Fats WAller
song perfectly describe my opionion of this AN frag. From the bright opening through it's final hours the honeysuckle note (which, there doesn't seem to be any actual honeysuckle in it) takes me right back to my grandmother's flower garden in the summer. And there I blissfuly remain - with the trellis roses hovering in the back ground.

I think a big part of Annette Neuffler's perfuming genius lies in her musicianship...there's such a delicacy and nuance in the cadences of her fragrances...so evocative, so stirring.

Anyway - highly recommended!

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