Vermilion Orange by Annette Neuffer

Vermilion Orange 2020

13.08.2022 - 03:13 PM

A magical orange grove

Red oranges dominate the opening but are seasoned with Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom in a bitter-sweet accord that immerses us in elegance and class. Very interesting how the floral accord in the middle begins shortly after to accentuate the sweetness and structure an entire raw material of great quality. A citrus that is not acidic and vibrant but sensual and smooth – like a sublime love affair.
The accord orchestra is perfectly accompanied by a base featuring natural vanilla (not vanillin) that accentuates emotions and transforms it into a romantic fragrance for romantics. Base that is a very refined composition of balsamic-sweet tones, warm velvety tones of resin and wood. However, the fantastic persistence of the trio blood orange, wild orange and bitter orange throughout the development always hovers around us and subtly touches us like a seductive melody in our deep olfactory memory. As if I laid my head on the lap of a beautiful woman under a magical orange grove where Alice has not yet passed. All in perfect harmony.
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