Les Absolus d'Annick Goutal - Vanille Charnelle (2015)

Les Absolus d'Annick Goutal - Vanille Charnelle by Goutal / Annick Goutal
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Les Absolus d'Annick Goutal - Vanille Charnelle is a popular perfume by Goutal / Annick Goutal for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It was last marketed by AmorePacific / 아모레퍼시픽은.

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Fragrance Notes

Vanilla absolute, Pepper, Ylang-ylang, Tonka bean



7.7 (90 Ratings)


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8.1 (88 Ratings)
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Very helpful Review    7
In search of cinnamon
After a restful weekend at the lake, despite camping, overnight stay in a wooden barrel and family appendage with four children under 5, I now sit on my sofa on Sunday afternoon in the sultry big city. The rain has brought the expected cooling down after this Sahara heat week and it is now cool enough for a perfume test.

I'll sneak into the bedroom. On the chest of drawers there is a tray with the last, untested yields of various barter and purchase transactions. Blindly I reach out and hold Vanilla Charnelle in my hands. Yeah, it can actually be cool enough for a vanilla fragrance today.
Tensely I make myself comfortable again in the living room and hear a distant thunder rolling through the wide open window. These rainy Sundays, on which you can cuddle up at home, have something so homey.

I hardly sniff anything out of the spray head. Maybe comparable to a three day old spray spot of Shalimar. Let me think, vanilla should be included and I think I remember that "Charnelle" is French for "cinnamon". Two timid sprays on my left wrist and I'm smarter: Boo, a musty biscuit dough is hitting me, it smells a little like wet pebbles, which should actually go quite well with the smell of rain from outside and still displease me.

So far I haven't gotten really warm with any of the Goutal fragrances, although I have tested and own some. The fragrance pyramids all sound quite wonderful, yet most of them smell musty and somehow old-fashioned. If this is now stored in the same muff drawer?

I spy out the scent pyramid and immediately blame the pepper for the pebble smell. Well dosed he can give a fragrance the necessary twist, here he first strikes me too violently in the nose. A second sniffer lets me hope, because my nose hears a delicate, mild, natural vanilla, which slowly makes its way over the peppercorns followed by tonka beans, which spray their coumarin diligently
Even after several hours I don't smell much of the given ylang. The scent remains vanilla-tame, now that the pepper is soothed, but also relatively flat and doesn't seem to me to be as voluptuous and full-bodied as vanilla exquisite. Durability and Sillage are moderate on my skin.

It could please all those who prefer a delicate and discreet vanilla fragrance without sugary sweetness and who are not frightened by the cheeky pepper.
He won't be my darling. Maybe I'll give him another chance in the fall

PS. "Charnelle" means "sensual", "Cannelle" means "cinnamon". Again something learned
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    17
Vanilla croissant à la Française
It's no secret that I'm happy with the scents from Haus Goutal. I like the pronounced femininity of these compositions again and again.
There aren't too many that I tested and didn't like.

After years of abstinence I have now come to the taste and love vanilla; not only in the kitchen, but surprisingly also as a fragrance.
So of course I couldn't get past this "Vanilla Charnelle" - and wasn't disappointed.

It fits a little into the season: the delicate but rich vanilla, which is present from the first moment, reminds me of vanilla croissant; this fine, porous pastry, which never lasts long with me, as often as I put a tin of it in the oven!
Probably sit somewhere with me "Kipferl thieves": but, who knows!

This time not Viennese, but Parisian delicacy gets its sweetness from the Tonka bean: both fit perfectly together - here they are a pretty couple!
Sometimes they dance like fine snowflakes!
In my opinion, the whole airy fragrance dream would be just a little foam if the generous dose of pepper were not added.
This "pepping up" in the truest sense of the word this sweet vanilla dream waltz: it gets body and a slightly erotic charisma.
Now most of the women's fragrances by Camille Goutal and Isabel Doyen are not creations with which it is rumsting: they are feminine and with me also very physical and sensual!
Since this "Vanilla Charnelle" comes with the shimmering golden Ylang-Ylangs at the end - practically as a sugar cap to stay with Kipferl - in addition, this vanilla fragrance is simply magical.

The sillage of this fragrance comes close to the physicality of a petite woman who is truly not thin.
The shelf life is just as good as that of many Goutals; this magic of vanilla and spices will last me a few hours after all.
It's as if I'm dressed in a light cashmere jacket that gives warmth without crushing.
And of course invites you to cuddle!

For me again a very successful fragrance from the house Annick Goutal: a little sweet, created for tender dreams - and guaranteed without calories!
Therefore suitable for these holidays!
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96 Reviews
Carnal You Are Not
I love both Vanille Charnelle and Vanille Exquise by Annick Goutal. While the latter is lighter and more almondy, Charnelle is more on the caramel/spice side. The fluffy vanilla notes wear off pretty quickly and the scent becomes rich and deep.

At first I was wondering why this house would make two similar vanillas, or why I would buy both of them, but now I see why. Charnelle is much denser and chewier while Exquise is light as air. Is Charnelle really carnal? I don't think so. It would have to be woodier and more peppery for that. But an admirable effort nonetheless.

The projection could use some work but the quality is there: it is expensive for what you get but it is fairly worth it if you love vanilla and spice.


Hermesh 4 years ago
The gentle smoke lies like a powdery-dusty veil over bittersweet vanilla and subtle vetiver base and loosens the gourmand scent up.+1

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