Select Diavolo Club by Antonio Banderas

Select Diavolo Club 2015

31.03.2021 - 09:21 PM

Resembles very much the original Diavolo, almost identical.

masculine and addictive aromatic fragrance, it is true that it is v-e-r-y similar to the original Diavolo, as it maintains its citrus, spicy, peppery and floral accords, followed by an ash tobacco, leather, wood and earth, with metallic flashes. The difference lies, if there is one - which i am not sure about - when comparing them hand by hand, in that Select Club emphasizes the floral part, while the original focuses more on leather and wood, this without releasing the aroma of violet, which by the way, no for sharing this note it looks like Farenheit by Dior, they are different fragrances. Diavolo Club is totally worth it, its price is a bargain, and in me it has an good performance. Ripe aroma by the way, but conquering.
Here is another review of mine about this frag:

The original 1997 Diavolo fragrance is very similar to this one. I compared them both side by side and it's hard for me to tell the difference. Both citrucy, spicy and peppery with some leather base too. Both are refreshing and manly. There is also here as the original a strong nineties vibe to it. The opening and the drydown to me smell quite similar. A lovely scent anyways. Citruy enough for warm days but spicy for the colder ones too. Fall, Spring and Summer eves..but you can rock this baby even in winter.

Update: After a long time relatively of using it i can understand what the ashtray vibe people are talking about is finally. Let's just say that if ever a real ashtray scent could be turned into a good smell instead of one of the worst in the odor realm - that would be it. What i mean is - this is a good ashtray vibe, Not a bad one. I like it very much.

I saw another big perfume shop online wrote this about this product:

A leather fragrance for modern gentlemen. Fresh, warm, spicy, smoky & charismatic.

I guess that.. that just about sums this perfume up.

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