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Precious Woods by April Aromatics
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Precious Woods is a popular perfume by April Aromatics for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.

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Tanja Bochnig

Fragrance Notes

Indian sandalwood, New Caledonian sandalwood, Virginia cedar, Himalaya cedar, Cistus, Bourbon vetiver, Indonesian patchouli, False sandalwood, White sage



7.7 (47 Ratings)


7.8 (34 Ratings)


6.5 (35 Ratings)


6.7 (34 Ratings)
Submitted by Inala, last update on 11.07.2019
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64 Reviews
Ancient, sacred forest
This is the most mystical woody fragrance I have every smelled up to this point. It's like being in an ancient Indian sandalwood forest. If you don't like woods, don't bother to sample because that is all that is in this bottle. The ingredients are all-natural. I have no problem with sillage and longevity--they are excellent! The woods here smell a bit turpenic, a bit sharp, but also with a myrrh-like incense-y feel to it, like a touch of smoke and bitterness. A highly meditative fragrance that I like to wear for myself alone because it feels spiritual, connected to a higher power, soothing, relaxing....There is no sweetness to be found in this perfume. It really is worth every penny for these very precious ingredients.
5.0 5.0 7.5 8.0/10

671 Reviews
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Precious Woods Indeed!...
Precious Woods has no top notes to speak of, instead moving immediately to its early heart featuring a sharp natural smelling cedar wood, green coniferous pine and radiant incense trio. The cedar is the key player but the pine and incense are very strong supporters. As the composition moves further through its middle the pine and incense gradually recede as relatively dry sandalwood rising from the base melds with the cedar. During the late dry-down the cedar remains, now taking a backseat to the sandalwood as effervescent vetiver sharpens the dry-down with traces of the coniferous pine countering its sharp woody nature through the finish. Projection is average and longevity very good at 9-11 hours on skin.

The first time I wore Precious Woods I couldn't help but notice a passing resemblance to one of the Lucky Scent Decennial collection standouts, Santal Sacre. That said, Precious Woods is much more cedar focused, natural smelling and better blended (not to mention pine is completely absent in Santal Sacre). The composition is quite linear and minimalist, with only a handful of notes detectable from start to finish. The transition between the middle and late-dry-down is completely seamless, and if you are not paying close attention it is easy to miss the hand-off. The end result is an amazing smelling natural composition that stays quite tightly focused throughout. The bottom line is the $225 per 30ml bottle Precious Woods is a wonderful minimalist composition that will particularly appeal to sandalwood and natural smelling cedar fans, earning an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 rating. Based solely on how the composition smells a recommendation is easy, but the price per ml like the rest of the April Aromatics offerings is rather difficult to swallow...
5.0 5.0 7.5 8.0/10

220 Reviews
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Original or Unique?
Quite inconsistent is the price policy of the Berlin brand April Aromatics. They have “Body Mists” for 22 € but their niche fragrances range up to 200 €. The price for Precious Woods definitely needs some explanation: 30 ml perfume cost 169 €, and it comes in a rather modest packaging. For me, the keyword “natural perfumery” alone is not sufficient enough to justify this.

I found Precious Woods in Berlin, in the well known luxury warehouse KaDeWe – and I think it should sell well there. It belongs to those fragrances that are both spectacular and rare. Customers who get to know Precious Woods will be fascinated, simply because most of them will never ever have smelled anything like this.

April Aromatics describe Precious Woods as sweet and earthy, and one can see it like this. It is basically a sandalwood fragrance without lots of development. It contains more or less just one, very unusual accord. Instead of sweet and earthy, I would go a step further: this is already fecal and maybe also animalic. It smells like countryside, like nearby pig farms and the natural manure that farmers spray on their fields. It may depend a little bit on where one has been brought up whether one may like it or not. Some of the most fascinating fragrance notes have their origin in decay and perfumes like Precious Woods show us that nevertheless such can be turned into something beautiful.

Many perfumes play around human or animal vapours which they comment on, emphasise, suppress or alienate. The trick is to keep them invisible or at least semi-conscious so neither the wearer nor the environment will give a thought about these connections. I hope it will not keep anybody from testing Precious Woods because these relations are a bit more visible here. Probably not everybody's cup of tea, Precious Woods can fascinate and astound people.

However, Precious Woods is not so unique as it might appear to the majority. - I already know this accord, from an Arab perfume: Oud Ma'Al Wardh by Al Haramain. There, the earthy sweetness is connected to the rose (wardh) which I never found convincing. And never have I thought it possible that a Western brand would take on this strange accord. Precious Woods has disabused me about it.

In opposite to the very intense Arab perfume, Precious Woods is maybe a bit more refined. Additional woody notes provide bitter and dusty-dry aspects which suits well to the sweetish accord. And so, Precious Woods is indeed very eccentric but never crosses the border to being nauseating. One can have a different view upon its Arab kin.

Apparently, the perfumer was lingering through Arabia's souks for us, exploring those hoods where Western tourists do not go. Beyond the never ending oud hype, there are still secrets to discover in Arab perfumery. I strongly recommend a test of Precious Woods if you can find it. It might give you a new experience.

Precious Woods with its high price is a fragrance that relies on the ignorance of the audience, or better, the poor availability of Arabian perfumes: you can buy Oudh Ma'Al Wardh for smallest money, i.e. at for 22,59 $ per 2 oz.

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