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natural oud

A blue big box contains this twins. The blue bottle is 100ml perfume, and the silver bottle is a 22ml attar. Both have the same composition, a combination of Cambodian and Indian Oud with Blue Musk. It starts strong and pungent and stays vibrant for almost 12 hours. A stinky and animalic perfume with great sillage, projection and quality out of doubt. The attar is stronger than perfume. I recommend using both at the same time.
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JotadeJotade 2 years ago
Ateeq Jamil - Feel Oud

Ateeq Jamil woody
Ateeq Jamil is a trat Thailand Oud oil with notes of clover flowers, mimosa, tonka beans, resinous and sweet woodiness. It is not barnyard or stinky, but rather a soft scent of vanillic flowers covered with sweet honey and resins.

JotadeJotade 2 years ago
Mystery Oud - Daniel Josier

Mystery Oud Mystery
This fragrance opens up with a medicinal, leathery and pungent Oud. As it starts to dry on, cumin and incense notes slowly emerge. The violet sweetness only shows as it settles right in with the amber notes. Complex scent and unisex, it has an extraordinary...