19.06.2021 - 08:27 AM


Blue Oud is a very beautiful fragrance. If you are not used to oud and musk it may take you a few wearings to understand. I fell in love with it right off the bat as I have been enjoying oud for many years now.

Top: Cambodi oud - Smells of dried fruit.
Heart: Blue Musk - This is most likely a synthetic but it does smell very nice and animalic.
Base: Indian oud - This is traditionally distilled in copper stills, giving it that "barnyard" or animalic scent. There is no fecal scent here.

Price: On the Arabian Oud US website (which is shipped from their store in New York City) the normal price is $400. I purchased Blue Oud from them during Ramadan (Eid) when everything on their website is discounted. I only paid $240.

What you get for the price: Both a 100 ml EdP spray -the colored bottle shown at the top of the page AND a 24 ml perfume oil which is applied with a glass wand -the silver bottle shown at the top of the page. You are paying for both, thus the higher price.

I tend to wear both versions together - two sprays of the EdP at the back of my neck and the oil applied at my pulse points using only one swipe on my wrist and then spread around from there.

Longevity on my skin is over 12 hours and in my humble opinion can be worn year-round, cold weather or hot, day or night. I wear this for leisure, going out and while I am at work.

Both men and women will enjoy this. Younger people that are used to wearing sweet and fresh fragrances may not enjoy it at first.


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