06.05.2022 - 04:59 PM

Vanilla Rose Chocolate Saffron and Sandalwood with 1 year Longevity

The discovery of this fragrance was different from my typical store stroll. The atmosphere of the Arabian Oud shop on the Champs-Élysées is great. I loved the direct approach of the personnel too: I was given a lot of different fragrance to smell in a short time without a lot of fuss about philosophy. Despite me being a lover of narrative and story-telling in the context of fragrances, that's exactly what I was expecting from the brand: an easy to navigate repertoire with strong, statement-making fragrances. The offerings I was given were a bit similar to one another despite the fact that I was told that Resala was "different" and "on its own" but I must say I loved all of them and all of these different shades of Vanilla.
Resala is a bomb of sweet sandalwood (I don't talk much about vanilla because if you're a fan of the brand you know it's pretty much all over the place) with a strong siding of Rose for a very "prestigious" yet not-feminine effect, fantastic! There is saffron of course and the vanilla is sided with chocolate for just a different touch from the rest as mentioned. I don't think there is too much Oud here. The fragrance is a bit similar and redundant if you own the others like Aseel, Rosewood etc main differentiation being that Resala feels way more damp in comparison to the very dry Rosewood. It's on the same track of Intense cafe OG and Ristretto, an over-powered Starry Nights, Delox by Tiz. Ter. but with a very very special effect.
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