Havana (Eau de Toilette) by Aramis

Havana 1994 Eau de Toilette

21.01.2022 - 07:32 AM

Something Different

First off, this is not a fougere scent; it doesn't even have a lavender note. It's an original scent all in its own that may have been ahead of its time.

I believe the composition of this scent is intended to smell like fresh, green leaf-tobacco among various other surrounding notes. Notes that may invoke the wearer to conjure up a fantasy of Cuba's capital city, some reviewers claiming to be pre-revolutionary: the smell of tobacco leaves in the air among booze and any other olfactory evidence of decadent activity.

I'm not trying to get political; just explaining one of many possible (olfactory) fantasy settings for this scent. You may have your own and that's okay.

Either way, Aramis Havana smells great and performs longer than 8 hours which is a great value at its current price. I'd call it an all-rounder time and season-wise, but go easy on the sprays when it's warm out and the layers come off.

It's been discontinued, so the price won't remain and who knows when a good clone will come along.
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