Tuscany per Uomo / Etruscan (Eau de Toilette) by Aramis

Tuscany per UomoEtruscan 1984Eau de Toilette

26.10.2020 - 10:49 PM
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The murder of a classic
"TUSCANY!!! Old friend ... what have they done to you??? Ripped your balls off ... that's what!!!!"

In an article that I recently read, the writer alleged that in 2011, at least three new fragrances were launched EVERY SINGLE DAY. Small wonder then, that the market is filled with such anonymous crap!!
Instead, old and revered houses (like Lauder - yes ... you are also guilty as charged!!) reformulate! What was once a super sexy leatherbound giant of a fragrance has been reduced to a pup mewling at the teat! In their defense, Lauder's reformulations are generally very sympathetic. From the Gentlemen's Collection, Devin and 900 are still very good, if lacking a little in longevity. I never really cared for New West or Havana, but how in the hell did they F**K Tuscany up so badly??? It boggles the mind!!! I used to spray this of an evening to hit the clubs, boogie my ass off until the sun came up, go home, sleep and wake up with Tuscany only beginning to reach it's final phase of drydown. I tested it (liberally) some time ago and it disappeared from my skin in under 2 hours ... flat!!!
I am aware that "vintage" bottles of many beloved frags are still available all over Ebay - the point (at least for me) is that I shouldn't have to be ripped off to get what I so fondly remember. Another one bites the dust :o(.

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