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Archange by Archange
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Archange is a perfume by Archange for women and was released in 1983. The scent is floral-chypre. The production was apparently discontinued.
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blazing fragrant flames
It rustles and crackles; the spotlights dance to their very own choreography, only a drum roll is missing!
Then the curtain opens slowly, with deliberate delay:
Here she comes! The vintage lady who owns this fragrance gig alone!
In a robe of matt-golden taffeta, whispering and seductive: so she crosses the threshold, pauses for a brief moment - almost majestic!
Who came up with the idea of allowing this dress to go with her copper red mane?
And yet: What a performance! Golly! Grandiose! This woman seems to be on fire and reminds us of Milva, whose charisma and voice made whole halls shake
As a child of the mid-eighties, "Archange" conquers the fragrance stage with a radiant and sparkling voice.
Of course, aldehydes don't glitter and glitter too little here - why should they? And now it is time to unleash the magic of the fragrance as aptly as possible: the sensual experience of a perfume-lover's life must help.
(I also welcome additional help from outside, from you co-perfumers!)

The force of the aldehydes is muted for a moment by ripe, fruity-scented bergamot before it marries - this time tenderly - with the tenderness of heart-warming orange blossom.
Look at: these so often hissing, flaming glitter - they can also be soft and quiet ...
You will encounter honeysuckle and ylang ylang: both entwine lovingly around the first scents in their light yellow flowers.
They all sway in a harmonious round dance, to which the summery aroma of ripe, sweet peaches is added.
They all form a slightly fruity, richly flowered entrée!
In keeping with the trend of the times, noble gardenias and roses are now generously swirling up; their heavy flower scents rise above the friends who opened the door for them to make their appearance.
Iris and carnation join in this dance, which keeps everything else in motion.
A certain pinch of nutmeg and cloves (and possibly a pinch of black pepper) completes the previous composition.
Lively and yet elegant, our golden glittering friends now meet their base:
A little benzoic resin, cleverly dosed, goes very well with a rich leather note: not too masculine, but easily perceptible. The same goes for oakmoss: a must at this point.
Vanilla or possibly the styrax resin used in the fragrance radiate erotic warmth before an enticingly soft musk blanket covers the entire fragrance ensemble.
A small, a little bit strictly smelling little animal still nestles very closely to it.
It does not want to be forgotten under any circumstances, because it is part of it: so off under the scented blanket!
"Archange" becomes round and mature, tempting and yet remains ladylike and elegant!

An incredibly intense scent vamp is now meeting me; a creature whose secret I tried to reveal in small steps.
Talking about airing: Some people may feel the need to escape into the open after getting to know this mature archangel. There's no shame in that! Generously and with great skill a work of art was created here that still deserves its place on the big stage today!
But the time of the divas is obviously over; unfortunately!
How colourful and entertaining they enlivened our everyday life, made us dream.
Maybe that's why "Archange" could be a charming companion - at least during the wintertime.
(One or the other would even voluntarily comply with the distance rules!)

Impressive is this vintage creature and I thank Can once again for sending it to me - together with two almost as noble sisters; also from Coty!
Exactly at the time I wanted to leave this community:
He's already a sly one, our Can!

This Archangel doesn't need a flaming sword; he already sprays such fascinating scents!
The look at the artfully cut flacon confirms this.
Beauty in impressive proportions: this is "Archange".

And now I am curious who will add one or the other scent stone or replace something in my pieced together scent pyramid! It's just a game - so courage!
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