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Sheikh Al Oud by Ard Al Zaafaran
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Sheikh Al Oud is a popular perfume by Ard Al Zaafaran for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Oud, Woody notes, Frankincense



8.1 (48 Ratings)


7.5 (42 Ratings)


7.0 (43 Ratings)


7.1 (43 Ratings)
Submitted by Icufish, last update on 08.12.2019.
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    7
back in the desert
On his way back to the house he looked around: he saw a collection of buildings and the vast land that he called "home" and that his masterful father had once wrested from the powerful desert.
This power struggle was probably endless: it seemed to bring joy to both parties!
A few hours ago he had returned from a long stay in France. The jet lag was still clearly noticeable; even though he had overslept the last leg of the flight home from the international airport here in father's private jet.

A smile surrounded his lips when he thought of the world he had only a few flying hours behind him After his studies in France, for the son of his French mother this was self-evident, and after the very good graduation expected from his father, he stayed with Mamam for a few more months; with this timelessly beautiful, capricious woman.
How he loved them and how they both enjoyed being together for a while!
Slight mockery ruffled his mouth corners and his emerald green eyes, now darkly framed, sparkled as he thought of the whispers and murmurs of the people they met: the slim, racy and young Arab and the elegant, mature charismatic Frenchwoman!
Oh, yeah! Their fantasies they had provided food for: in this carefree way he flirted only with Mamam!

He had already ridden out; hours on the back of his powerful stallion through the seemingly endless desert - what a feeling of freedom - at last! Infinite!
In his black hair the wind played; during the ride he had covered it up: he knew that not only the respiratory tract had to be protected from the fine sand.
He felt well and alive; fine fresh sweat covered his body, which was already "breaded" by the desert sand in uncovered places. He felt he was back!
And he knew: he smelled of sweat, of life-spraying man, of horse and - oh, if Mamam knew that, she would wring her hands! - enormous after camel!
Because of course he had to visit his favourite camel right after the sitting down.
Something else was not conceivable - they both had grown up together!
In the light wooden shack where the camels found their quarters, it smelled - he was quite honest! - very! The camel stallions marked their territory and it didn't get exquisite!

Surrounded by this mixture of scents, he approached the house.
The cool air in the rooms was impregnated with resinous-spicy incense; this scent was not only meant to protect against possible vermin (which fled here from the desert).
No, did you really know that Desert Jinn really stayed where he belonged?
Incense in this smoky starch was a shield against anything that did not belong in the house.
The rich wood aroma of the floors and few pieces of furniture were harmoniously integrated into the overall picture: a picture that emerges very vividly and powerfully from the bottle at "Sheikh al Oud".

This fragrance composition, which includes man, sweat, horse, camel and a lot of wood and mighty incense, can naturally unfold on such a delicate blonde with parchment skin as I am, not in the sense of her creator: she remains unexplored, mysterious!
But even with me the feeling of the infinity of the desert, the adventure and many unknown fairy tales of the Orient is immense.
Perceived on a man, "Sheikh al Oud" would probably be able to walk me on a leash with him - oh, I don't imagine that!

But for a few hours I will still feel like a fragrant giant with enormous magical powers!
Actually I am more like Mr. Turtur a pseudo giant: if you see me in action with the appropriate distance (as unfortunately more often possible lately), you assume I would be at least two meters tall and three hundredweights heavy!
But I'm really just small and harmless!
Too small and too harmless to experience more than just an intermezzo with such a masculine fragrance.
This fascinating men's fragrance may continue: it will surely find its human counterpart.
Oh, the performance alone leaves me breathless!
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Pine nuts and live wood
Sheikh Al Oud is an original and very interesting scent, I had not smelled anything like it before, and that is an aroma based on the oud, but it is so masterfully mixed with the other notes, that it is a whole, a compact mixture that inspires East, mystery and seduction.

As I have hinted previously, it is a linear fragrance and monolithic fragrance, the set of its notes, make up a new aroma, and this is what we will smell throughout its development. When we were small, we went to a group of friends to pick pineapples to toast them and take out the pine nuts, then we sold them and we took out an extra little money. For the mixture of notes, in this perfume, smells like when we put the pineapples overflowing with resin and pine nuts in the bonfire, and the smoke of this burning is as it smells. It is a very woody fragrance with smoky tones and resinous herbal nuances, here there is no sweetness more than that of the wood itself, a spicy and deep wood, but at the same time it is fresh and green, living wood with huddled tones, I just love it and despite its linearity, it is not an aroma that bores me or tires me, on the contrary, it is something addictive and masculine, although it is one of those aromas that a woman can dress perfectly without problems.

The performance is moderate high, its longevity is very good, reaching to remain in skin for more than 8 hours, but its wake is somewhat smaller, being very striking the first hour to then move to moderate and gradually stay at skin level.

Versatile could be a word that would define it quite well, despite being a woody scent, it is quite fresh and, therefore, very versatile, being able to be used at any time of the year or time of day.

Perfume highly recommended for anyone who enjoys the woods in perfumes and look for something original, without a doubt a very good option. To me I liked it a lot.

Forgive my bad English.
5.0 6.0 9.0 7.0/10

20 Reviews
Very woody!!!
this is very woody but the first blast yu can smell the alcohol! this is a first for me from this house! never had that issue before it go's away really quickly though! so thats a plus! it's not sweet at all so for warned! it's woody smoky Earth but even has this fresh water driftwood smell to it as if you are at the lake turning this to a kind of woody freshwater aquatic I mixed a rub of Labdanum with it to experiment adding a little sub sweet sandy smell to it but thats me experimenting lol
have you ever smelled a fresh cork board at school when you where little? this fragrance smells like that but with much less smoky harsh vibe (I Always LOVED!!! The smell of fresh cork board!!


Mihaiu 9 months ago
it smells like good quality new leather shoes made in the '80s+1

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